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Nov 15, 2012 12:38 PM

Vancouver: Favorite Cheap Eats?

What are your favorite cheap eats? Lets says <$10 Vancouver area.

Pita Wrap Cafe (Dunsmuir @ Seymour)
seriously, $3.50 breakfast in downtown vancouver and their middle eastern food is so so good. The portions are massive and their food is so tasty. Family run and very friendly. The line ups at lunch can be quite long but worth the wait. I dont think there is anything on the menu for over $10.

House of Dosa (Kingsway @ Clark
$5.99 Dosa on Monday, come early or come late, the line ups can be quite long but well worth it. You can order any dosa for 5.99. They also have good deals on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

Save on Meats - $6 burger (you cant even get a big mac at McDonald for this) - gastown
For price vs. quality, this is the best burger in Vancouver -- comes with fries or a salad. I dont even really like burgers that much, but this one has won me over. Also as a side note, I have gotten some pretty amazing milkshakes from here (earl gray, cherry coke, etc).

Mango Thai (Westend
They have a $6.99 lunch special with multiple dishes to choose from (they all come with a spring roll, rice and salad). Very good value.

IGA Marketplace (Richards @ Robson
)I am not sure if all locations have these items, but they have prepackaged Indian Takeaway dishes (butter chicken, veggie, daal, tandori) from Sutra an indian place located down the street. They also have tasty locally made soups that are available hot in kettles for take away or you can buy them prepackaged to take home as well.

Saravanaa Bhavan (Broadway @ Oak)
Okay this one is breaking my rule a little bit if you go for the buffet in regards to price but this place provides really good value non the less. There are so many items to choose from (all veg) and their food actually has some kick to it. Many of their menu items are under $10 if you choose to order off the menu. Highly recommend.

Yamato Sushi (Davie @ Seymour
Vancouver has a lot of cheap sushi places, but I have found that so far Yamato has them beat in the quality department. They have really good sushi special prices. Primarily takeout, only about 6 small 2-3 people tables inside.

I also love this blog Cheap appetite -

What are your cheap favorites?

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  1. < $10 covers a LOT of restos in Greater Vanc :-D Actually when I eat out alone (which is very frequent) I think 90% of the time I eat at or < $10 before tax and tips. Can't narrow down to five or less, so here's a complete random smattering:

    - Sticky rice rolls at T&T Supermarket for $3.99. Made-to-custom order (AFAIK only at Metrotown and 1st Ave locations). Sometimes it's discounted to $3.29.

    - Lunch specials at Hoy's (Kingsway), for around $5.25

    - Most things at Fujiya (Venables St @ Clark St)

    - Hawker's Delight (Main St)

    - IKEA cafeteria or restaurant

    - Sushiyama (E. Broadway)

    - HK BBQ Master (#3 Rd)

    - Richmond Public Market food court

    - Ragazzi Pizza by the slice (E.22 Av)

    - Thai Son Vietnamese (E. Broadway, E. 1st Av)

    - Thuan An (Kingsway)

    - La Taqueria (Pender St or Cambie St)

    - Paul's Restaurant (Hastings St in Burnaby)

    - New Town Bakery (E. Pender St)

    - The Place (s. Granville St)

    - Flo (s. Granville St)

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      k u clearly know your stuff but you are missing a HUGE one ... Le Petit Saigon on hastings at Rupert ...

      another place i really love, a bit further out, is Rehannahs Roti in Port Moody on St John...

      another gem is Pronto Cafe in south cambie, try the porchetta sandwich.

      with your picks im a huge fan of Fujiya, Hawkers, La Taqueria ...

      1. re: 22justin

        Sorry I forgot to include LPS.

        Another one is Uncle Ming's on Main at the bottom of the hill @ Marine Drive, across from Bank of Montreal.

        Uncle Fatih's Pizza I must say I quite like for $4 for two slices + pop.

        Pizza Garden on Commercial Drive (which I haven't been in ages but Fmed here knows them well).

        1. re: LotusRapper

          Is Uncle Ming's actually good? We've joked about eating there (but clearly just a joke since we haven't)

          1. re: quddous

            For $5 lunch specials it's ok. Nice hardworking couple who runs it. Very popular with locals working in the area.

      2. re: LotusRapper

        Finally went to Hawkers Delight.

        Wow. Just wow. How is it so cheap and so tasty??

        1. re: kati3

          Were you there yesterday, Kati ? I was :-)

          I had #5C dry noodles and two obligatory spring rolls.

          1. re: waylman

            I forgot, but I've only been twice so they're not really part of my roster technically speaking.

            But Ba Le (next door) and Tung Hing Bakery/Deli further east on Kingsway definitely are ! :-)


            But ya didn't know Tung Hing is part of an Ontario chain !

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Amazing! I never would have guessed that.

            2. re: waylman

              I actually found Sal y Limon incredibly expensive...

              1. Indian lunch specials on Fraser st.
                - Al-Watan
                - New Novelty