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Nov 15, 2012 12:20 PM

Tijuana street food

I am passing through Tijuana for a few hours (en route to Valle de Guadalupe) and have been looking at and other sites about the street food down there. I was wondering if anyone had a favorite stand / stop in Tijuana.

If anyone has a favorite taco stand (seafood or meat, but kinda prefer seafood), please let me know. Trying to narrow down all the options . . .

La Guerrenese

El Mazateno

Mariscos Ruben

Takesos y Papas

These are the ones that have been recommended to me -- anyone love some more than others?

Thank you!

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  1. Other than lobster in Puerto Nuevo, I am not a fan of seafood tacos in general so maybe I am not the best source, but since no one else has responded I guess I AM the best source (so far). Goat, lamb and odd bits of beef are my preference in tacos, tortas, etc.

    Takesos y Papas is too sweet for me, the mango salsas, etc. Tortas Wash Mobile is fave, I love how they marinate the meat. Barbacoa Ermita has mind blowing lamb; Las Ahumaderas is a bunch of small taco stands linked together and has just about meat that can be chopped up and stuffed in a shell.

    The only La Guerrerense I know is in Ensenada, but it is great for seafood. Maybe they have a TJ outpost now.

    1. Just because there is a street stand in TJ named " La Guerrerense" doesn't mean that it is affiliated in any way with the stand in Ensenada - there is a lot of copycat naming going on down here.

      Any place that Bill Esparza recommends is a good bet. Besides his blog, he contributes to the OC Weekly Tijuana Si column along with Dave Lieberman and it is well worth researching for the latest in good TJ street food.: http//

      I live in Rosarito and can recommend two, unrelated JRs tacos. Not street stands, but sit down, casual dining establishments with outstanding fresh seafood - tacos, cocktails, aguachiles, quesarones, ceviche tostadas, cahuamanta soup, etc. etc. But, no lobster if that is what you want.

      They are both located on the Carreterra TJ a Ensenada Libre (the Free Road) on the ocean side.

      The first one (our favorite) is about one mile south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. They have a very tall and prominent sign.

      The other Jrs (Tijuana JR) is another two-to-three miles farther south; it also has a very tall and visible sign.

      Both are very good, Tijuana JR has a larger, more diverse menu - we don't go there very often because we prefer to hop on the toll road after errands in town and the nearest JR's is more convenient.

      1. El Guerrerense is in Ensenada

        If you're crossing at Otay then El Mazatño would be a doable stop. If you're crossing at San Ysidro, it would be too far east to make it practical.

        I like Tacos Kokopelli which is at the corner of Agua Caliente and Ocapmo. They've recently (as in last week) opened a brick and mortar location in Playas and I'm not sure how that will affect their cart operations.

        Tacos Fitos is on one side of the Mercado Hidalgo, which is not too far from the border and would not be too far out of the way. They do birria de res tacos.

        Second Tortas Wash Mobile and Las Ahumaderas.

        You could also stop at Tacos Yaqui in Rosarito for some carne asada tacos on your way down to the valle.

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        1. re: DiningDiva

          Hey DD,

          Tacos Yaqui, IMHO, has gone downhill since Hugo left.

          The good news is that he opened his own location, Tacos Gerente, two bloicks north on the same side of and on the same street.

          1. re: Gypsy Jan

            Not aware that had happened. Thanks for the update

            Have you by any chance tried the tamale lady at the stoplight on the free road just south of Foxploration, east side of the street?

            1. re: DiningDiva

              No, I haven't noticed a tamale lady in that area, but I will look for her next time we pass by.

              I have only noticed the guy that sells "Bahia de Cortez" shrimps out of the cooler in the back of his pickup - which I do not have the courage to try.

              As an aside, just past the big Pemex gas station, south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, on the weekends there is a small street stand (just a card table) selling local honey and bee pollen. This is a family operation with acres of beehives up in the hills east of town.