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Nov 15, 2012 12:10 PM

Looking for an italian restaurant near downtown montreal

Hey Chowhound, girlfriend's birthday this saturday and I was planning to go to buenna notte, but apparently they told me that diners must be at least 21 yo? Can anyone tell me if this is true..?

I also then considered Da Emma, but it seems like the reviews are mixed, however old montreal would be nice.

Preferably something closeby to McGill, because she has an exam to study for so we don't want to spend too much time travelling.


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  1. 21 ??? weird. We can start legally boozing at 18 in Qu├ębec.

    Anyway, don't go to Buena Notte...

    you can try Graziella on McGill (old-Montreal)

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      Buonannote is a "supperclub", and clubs can set their own rules. The 21+ rule is pretty much the norm at resto-bars in Old Montreal, such as Santos and Philemon.

      It's not uncommon in other cities, either.

    2. Nora Gray on St-Jacques near Montagne isn't too far either, but not old montreal

      1. Da Emma, I was hesitant recently too because of the mixed reviews but it didn't disappoint, far from as I can't wait to go back. Picky eaters like my SO enjoyed it immensely so in case your gf isn't too adventurous it should be a safe bet.

        Try to get a reservation for about 7PM if you can, it wasn't busy yet but as the night went on and it got more full the service started to suffer. I think it suffers due to the amount of time the waiter needs to spend explaining the chalkboard menus to each table, they need to fix that. But their dishes are straight forward and are done right. Search for other reviews on here. I wanted to try Nora Gray but SO probably wouldn't be too crazy about the menu.

        1. Da Vinci on rue Bishop is another good Italian option,

          1. What are the prices like at Graziella or Da Emma, I"m kind of leaning towards those now. I'd rather travel to old montreal than rue bishop probably!

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              I can't speak for Graziella, although I'm betting prices are up there too. Da Emma, you are looking at pastas from $20-$25, mains $28+, dessert $10. What's your budget?

              1. re: .alias

                Can't see them being much more expensive then Buenna notte.

                1. re: AlexCV

                  Might not be much more expensive, but they are an awful lot better than Buona Notte...