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Nov 15, 2012 12:09 PM

recomendations for a HOME electric coffee grinder

I have a thirteen yr old Oster blade coffee grinder works pretty good .When it goes what should I consider ?????? .I currently use a French press and a stove top espresso pot Thanks

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  1. I love my new Capresso burr grinder. It is certainly superior to my old blade grinder. I use the blade for spices now.

    The Capresso is not a top of the line grinder, but I wasn't willing to pay more than $85-90. It has received very good reviews though.

    1. I got one of these a few weeks ago and I am totally satisfied.

      1. if you don't want to pop for $200 for a fancy grinder, I like the Cuisinart blade style. The cup is larger than the normal small mills, and there is no static charge to the ground coffee so cleanup is easy! No more messy countertop. Grinds evenly and consistently. Bought it from eCost (it was a return because of a small dent in the metal base housing) for about $15. They retail at BB&B for about $30.

        1. That is the exact matches for my uses, press and Bialetti. The Capresso goes easily from coarse to fine. It does not produce the uniformity a pricier grinder like a Macap or a Mazzer would deliver, but it is way better than a blade IMHO. Plus a lot cheaper.

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            I use a press, bialetti, or vac pot myself. It works great for all three.

          2. Go for a Baratza refurbished grinder. Decent conical burr set & a 6 month "same as new" warranty.

            I recommend either the "Barista" or "Encore" models. They're the same unit, so if you don't mind the silver color you can save a few dollars with the Barista.