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Nov 15, 2012 11:59 AM

cake supplies and wrapping stuff?

So, I've been to a number of places with a good selection of the real stuff for making and packaging candies and baked goods, but I'm sort of curious about boutique type places that might sell the more expensive, poncier stuff.

Holidays are coming up, after all. Sometimes I see stuff online and think, it's so overpriced, but it's cute. And maybe for xmas gifts it would be worth spending a little more for something really chic. Would rather see it in person first, though.

Anywhere in philly selling this stuff? Thinking cupcake wrappers/cups, any sort of food safe bags or boxes, etc.

Failing that, maybe just places selling good ribbon and wrapping supplies, that I could dress up my normal food-safe packaging with?

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    1. re: Buckethead

      It's funny, I go there somewhat frequently, but didn't really think of them for this kind of thing.

      1. re: Buckethead

        seconded, they have a pretty large selection of what you are looking for in the back

      2. A.C. Moore carries a lot of these supplies for most holidays and events, as well as having a large selection of ribbons and wraps sold by the yard or similarly and I think (based on what I see elsewhere)pretty inexpensively. If you aren't too picky and can wait, about 10 days before Christmas there is a big sale on the ribbon at least.

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        1. re: Bigley9

          AC Moore also puts a 50% off (one item) coupon in their weekly circular.

        2. It's not in Philly, but the Container Store in the Cherry Hill Mall has fantastic wrapping accessories. I would check Kitchen Kapers (17th St.), Wm Sonoma (Broad and Walnut) or Kitchenette (12th St) for food-specific, "cute" packaging. Amazon has many options, too.

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          1. re: phillybakingqueen

            Geez, I didn't even know Kitchenette existed - looks cute! I do like Container Store for glass jars and bottles; will try to make it out there to see what else they have this year. Thanks for the suggestions!

          2. try sweet creations in northeast philly:

            it's an unassuming store from the outside, and while small-ish, they have a lot of items crammed in there. we get cake boxes there in sizes that fante's doesn't have.

            1. Michael's has a wide range of bakery accoutrements and wrapping stuff. However, $4.99 for a pack of 10 cardboard bakery rounds? I'll cut out my own, thanks. You might do better with a carefully planned large order to an on-line store with a free shipping option and having it FedEx'd to your front door rather than running around for sprinkles and fancy wraps.