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Nov 15, 2012 11:09 AM

Standmixers - Kitchenaid 600 series vs Kitchenaid 7 qt [moved from B.C. board]

Does anyone have access to both? I want to know if the 7 qt is really quieter! Is the motor a lot stronger. It is about 200 dollars more and I want to know if the money would be well spent! I cook for family, friends and often host thanksgiving, Christmas etc. I also cook for large groups (about 80) a few times a year.
If anyone has a video or knows of a video where both are featured send me the link
thanks Roosta70

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  1. What are you using now?

    We upgraded to a Pro 600 several years ago, but I can't offer any comparative insight on the 7 Qt. Who's saying it's quieter? The KA website doesn't list much info for the 7 Qt, does it?

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      I have never owned a mixer - I have a hand beater (cheap) and use my bead machine and use dough setting and can make 3 loaves of bread that way - have already burned through one motor but am treating the 2nd one better and its lasting longer.
      The kitchenaid 7 qt had a DC motor instead of AC (not that I really understand the difference asked husband and he sort of explained) and is reported to have 1.3 horsepower instead of being measured in watts. I think if you could convert it would equal around 900 watts?!

      Here is the link
      the best price I have found in US dollars is $549.99 and best price for kitchenaid 600 is 349.99 which is quite a difference! I just want to know if the capacity and sound difference are worth it. My kitchen is open concept with the family room and I already take a lot of flack from my family when I use the coffee grinder or am slicing homemade bread with the electric knife so I'm trying to minimize the noise.
      I also make a lot of bread and pizza dough and have read elsewhere on the web that the kitchenaid 600 had trouble over the long hall with large loads of bread and pizza dough so the strongest motor might be the best way to go - if there really is a big difference in power and noise.

      1. re: roosta70

        Since I've never seen the 7 Qt, the best I can offer is something to think about:

        The 7 Qt is going to be better if you're planning on doing a LOT of BIG batches of dough (8 pounds of dough at a time?!). My guess would be that motor is strong enough to run at lower RPMs, which makes it quieter.

        The Pro 600 we have (about 5 yrs old?) is much quieter than a coffee grinder & maybe a bit quieter than an electric knife? My wife does a ton of cookies & lots of cakes, but no breads. It has been flawless so far. A few years ago I also bought her the combi whisk set:

        I'd say she uses this almost as much as the standard 6 qt bowl, so that might be another thing to think about. I don't know what sort of "scale-down" options there are for the 7 Qt model, so you may be stuck if you want to do smaller batches of things?

        The last thing to think about is the cost difference. $200 is a significant jump if you wind up never using the extra power & want unavailable accessories. But the cost difference means nothing if the Pro 600 doesn't meet your dough-mixing needs.

        How's that for waffling? (yes, pun intended) :-)

    2. JMO but have looked at the electrolux assistant now called the verona assistent? I own both it and the KA and prefer the assistent.