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Nov 15, 2012 10:44 AM

For my Koreatown Chowhounders, which grocery chain has the best meat selections?

Hey Chowhounders,

I usually buy my meat from Shin Sun Meat Butchers in the Rodeo Galleria Plaza but I'll be cooking for a large group who won't be able to accomodate their prices. I'll have to stick to the grocery chains.

It's been a long while since I've bought the meats at the grocery stores, but it has to be done. I'll be buying fresh short ribs to make galbi so I'm looking for marbling but not excessively fat like marginal beef.

My grandmammy always went to Zion but I won't put all my chips done on her opinion as she's a fickle and choosey cook. I'm looking for that freshness, to be honest, just the best within the average range.

Who'd you put your chips on? Assi? Zion? Galleria? Plaza Market? Hannam? I am considering the first three as the last 2... I don't like the stores as they are too ghetto compared to the spick and span newness of the first 3.

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  1. I think the galbi at Zion is best