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Nov 15, 2012 10:44 AM

Best New York Kosher party space for ~20 people

Celebratory weeknight dinner with about 20 colleagues

Pardes would have to close the entire restaurant and charge accordingly, but they say they can be tempted; this is tempting

Solo, Colbeh, Prime at the Bentley and Mike's have party rooms, or separate floors

Tevere 84, Jezebel do not have separate spaces. Tevere will rent out the whole place.

What would you do if it were up to you?

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  1. Prime Grill has a party room. I think I've seen about 20 seats in it. Maybe a bit less.

    1. Mikes or Pardes would be my choices.

      Where are most of the colleagues coming from? I'd base my choice partially on that

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          I like Mike's.

          The upstaris room makes a nice party space, although they - like many places - will close and let you hire the entire house for a large party.

          Cheesecake is right about getting home afterwards.

          Plus, the food is great.

          1. re: AdinaA

            Another reason why I'd vote for mikes- they've done this type of thing before. The staff knows what to expect and the kitchen will be able to handle serving 20 people at once.

      1. What about one of the Indian places - it's much cheaper. I would probably opt for Colbeh. Less choices, simpler, I get the feeling you can negotiate a better rate with them.

        1. Would Dairy work? If so, check out the party room at Basil. Great space, amazing food, and they were easy to work with and very gracious.

          1. We used Mike's. It was lovely, They do this sort of thing very gracefully. Pouring champagne at the right moment, throwing in an amuse-bouche, and choccolate fondu to dip fruit in with the dessert course. Made it feel festive.

            We were 14 and sat at a long table in the atrium (glassed-in sidewalk area) Lovely space for a private party. I had chosen a white and a red to be poured (in addiiton to the champagne). Each guest ordered form the regular menu. Wonderful.

            Hadn't expected to have a 15% service charge embedded in the tab. And, in the distraction of guests taking leave, missed it and wrote in an appropriate tip on the blank line marked "tip" That part did feel like being taken advantage of.