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Nov 15, 2012 10:21 AM

Changes at Debu?

Driving by the other day, I noticed that there is paper up, and a new temporary sign that has the name Marigold. Not much else indicated, and nothing on the website.

Anyone know what might be going on?

It would be sad to see the closing of one of the better and more creative Indian places around, though maybe a better location would help.

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  1. they are open!

    a kind person came out and gave me a menu while i stared at the one outside. chicken/ lamb/ beef/ fish/ prawns/ veg/ rice/ appetizers & lassi - looks like everything i would need from Indian takeout. admittedly, i am not wildly imaginative and i am easily pleased with solid standards that are fresh, flavourful and non-ketchup-y.

    i will report back when we have a takeout night!

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    1. re: endoftheworld

      Thanks for the update. I walked by the other day, and noticed that the menu appears to be somewhat different in terms of focus and philosophy, and was wondering if the master has moved on. Curious to see what the new concept is.

      1. re: Snarf

        hmmm. we wanted to love them - we really did. best parts first - the meat in the chicken tikka masala was so insanely tender i literally do not understand how it got that way. totally fantastic. also, the sauce had a really nice texture to it, but in pockets it was a bit sweet (for me). we also got aloo gohbi (which was super sweet - ugh), basmati rice (beautiful texture!), veg pakora (pretty nice) & lastly, butter chicken - which was kind of sad - i'm sure the chicken itself was spectacular, but we couldn't get past the very sweet, thin sauce. as i write this i realize how anti-sweet i seem to be, so that might be a selling-point for some!

        all the mains seem like enough for 2, maybe even 3-4 if you're getting a couple of other things. total was about $50, all in.

        next time, i think i'm going to ask them to give us whatever they think are their best menu items, and give it one more go.

    2. I just received a $10 coupon for this place in the mail. Didn't realize it was in the Debu spot. It looks like a Chinese/Indian mix menu, which I'm always game for. I'll definitely be trying out their seafood/veg dishes some time soon.. though it appears also that they have no liquor licence based on the website:

      1. To add here: For a place that is pushing delivery and a new opening and such, they need to initialize their voicemail! I've tried calling to arrange a meal there and it frequently flips over to voicemail---worse really, it goes to a "please enter the phone number...."

        1. I loved it, went there on Sunday night used the $10 coupon. There are no limitations on using the coupon, like there is no minimum purchase to avail the $10 discount. Service was excellent and great wine selection.