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Nov 15, 2012 10:02 AM

Dish Recs at Helmand?

Also, if going early (530ish) on a friday does this require reservations? thanks!

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  1. Always a very good idea to make reservations at Helmand. On a recent visit a friend and I shared the aushak (leek ravioli) and banjan (eggplant) apps, both of which were divine, and the chowpan (rack of lamb) which we both loved and another lamb dish, I think the lamb lawand, which she loved and I liked. There is also seriously good bread and dips that they give you once you order.
    ETA: the kaddo (pumpkin) app is a favorite of many but is far too sweet for me, so it depends on your tastes.

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    1. re: GretchenS

      Agreed on the kaddo app as being overly sweet and the fine lamb chops.

    2. aushak (leek and scallion ravioli in yogurt sauce)
      bowlawni (pastry shells filled with leeks, scallions, and spiced potatoes)
      kaddo (pan-fried and baked baby pumpkin)
      bendi (okra sauteed in tomato sauce)
      qabelee (braised lamb shank baked with rice, raisins, and glazed carrots)
      chowpan (grilled rack of lamb)
      lamb lawand (sauteed leg of lamb)
      feereney (cream pudding topped with fresh fruit)
      sheerberaing (rice pudding with pistachio and cardamom)

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      1. re: galangatron

        What he said! I'm also particularly fond of the Seekh Kabob (char-broiled lamb chunks marinated in puree of onion, sun-dried baby grapes and garlic, served with sauteed eggplant and pallow rice) and the modestly-christened Our Cake (homemade cardamom and pineapple cake served with ice cream on pomegranate sauce.)

      2. got it thanks guys- seems like lamb dishes are the way to go (not surprising, but good to verify) as well as veggie ones. can't wait!

        1. Kaddo, definitely. The one with the meat sauce breaks up the sweet but I don't find it too sweet at all. You really have to try it. I no longer eat meat so get the vegetarian version. Great with the bread and dips you get for free. I could just eat that all night.

          1. Thanks all! had a great meal. Kaddo was fun but i get why people think it can be too sweet... we basically got every lamb dish we could find; i was impressed with how tender the rack was, though the qabalee was actually probably the favorite of the group.