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Nov 15, 2012 09:50 AM

Roosevelt Island?

Is there any place worth eating at on Roosevelt Island? I am embarred to admit that after living in Manhattan for 15 years I have never been. My kids (4 and 6) want to ride the tram (as do I). Was thinking we could go over late one weekday afternoon and have dinner before returning. Any suggestions about where to go? As long as I can bring 2 well behaved kids there (walking from tram), cuisine and price not important.

Would welcome any other suggestions about special things to see while on RI.

I did search the board before posting and didn't find anything on Roosevelt Island. Also confirmed that Roosevelt Island is part of Manhattan, so that this is proerly posted on this board.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Best to all, Almondine

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  1. Unfortunately, to be very honest, the best thing to do with this place is to take the tram over on a good day, enjoy the view, perhaps take a walk around the island, snap some photos, and head back.

    That said, I've heard a lesser degree of suspect comments about the sushi spot and the bar and grill (both by the F train). In my time as a Roosie resident, I didn't dare to eat at any of the spots on the island, if that tells you anything. However, if you insist on getting RI on your 'eaten' map, choose one of the two I mentioned. Otherwise, the lowest of Manhattan mediocrity surely beats out anything there.

    There is a farmer's market on Saturdays until 2-3ish if I'm not mistaken, and this might be the best culinary draw. Share some cookies with your young ones, munch, and take the chance to soak in surroundings and get some pictures in.

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      Thanks, ramenbound. Who knew? I'll take your advice and change my plans.