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Nov 15, 2012 09:30 AM

Address for new location of Henan in Ctown

I believe it's now on Allen St., but could someone give me the address?

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  1. Same old place as always, same menu, and same cap wearing smiling proprietress...just different name. In fact I just came back from dinner there.

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    1. re: pravit

      Did you have any problem with cigarette smoke there? Last time I went you couldn't breath - it was a major time-warp. Not coming from patrons but from the kitchen / back. My wife and son now refuse to go (I still would, but I am an addict.)

      1. re: tazerowe

        Nope, didn't have any problem. It was just like it's always been. I'm guessing they changed their name because of some conflict with the original Queens location, but apart from that everything is the same as before.