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Nov 15, 2012 08:39 AM

NOVA Winery with Restaurant??

Any recommendations for wineries with a restaurant? Looking to book a celebratory lunch including a wine tasting/tour and a delicious meal afterwards. I've noticed most of the wineries do not have a restaurant.

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  1. Here's a list of Virginia wineries with restaurants but I haven't been to any of them so I can't make a recommendation.

    1. I went to Palladio at Barboursville Vineyards near Charlottesville. It was almost 2 years ago, so to be honest I don't remember many details, but I do remember enjoying my meal. We did a prix fixe lunch with -- of course -- wine pairings. I was quite tipsy when I left (maybe that's why I don't remember much).

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        I liked Palladio quite a bit but Charlottesville is in no way NOVA.

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          You are correct. I spaced on the NOVA requirement. Sorry about that, OP!

          1. re: dracisk

            Palladio is wonderful. I went there for a birthday dinner and really enjoyed it. I'm not much of a wine person (the person who was celebrating enjoys wine) but I ended up buying 4 bottles. LOL

            Great meal and great desserts, too.

      2. If your date is flexible, Naked Mountain does lunches on occasion and winemaker dinners w/ tasting menus. If you have enough people, I wonder if they'd be happy to do a special event for you.