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Nov 15, 2012 08:38 AM

Greenwich, CT: Dinner for 4, Recs Needed

Looking for a lively, fun restaurant with an energetic Friday night crowd to take out of town friends. Any type of cuisine.. though formal is not necessary.

Prefer Greenwich, but will travel if it's nearby (less than a 20minute drive).


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  1. I've had a good time with friends at Ginger Man. (64 greenwich avenue) It will almost certainly be hopping, and you can feel free to be boisterous there.

    Food is pretty good and while I'm not a beer guy, my friends who are really enjoy the beer selection there.

    1. Lolita in Greenwich is great and fun. On the Ave, I would suggest Morello Bistro or Polpo is fantastic as well.

      1. I would second the rec for Lolita, which is in nearby Byram/Portchester--it's got a sexxy Mexican bordello vibe, pumping DJ music on weekends and the food is creative if not exactly authentic. You prolly need a resy.
        Polpo is great, but I wouldn't describe it as energetic. Dunno Morello Bistro. Tapas at Barcelona can be fun--cougar central after 9pm. Also check out Bartaco in Port Chester.