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Nov 15, 2012 08:35 AM

Home Delivery in Sunnyvale

I have a friend whose baby is due in January, but she's been put on bed rest until the delivery. She lives in Sunnyvale, and I'm looking for a gift certificate for a restaurant that would do home delivery or a service that delivers meals while she's cooped up in the house. Her husband is a great guy, but between being the sole bread winner at this point and taking care of their other kids, it's tough to find time to shop and cook.

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  1. There are new mother meal delivery services that cook all 3 meals and make a daily delivery of them. these service, are, chinese and hence the food are also chinese. if you can accept chinese meals non-stop, i can give you some information. these food are cooked for new mother to recover and heal so they are a bit different from restaurant chinese food.

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      While Barb S has found her solution, it would be great if you could post the info for the benefit of others who might read this topic. A few years ago KK has posted about some of the sitting month meal delivery services, but checking the links, most are closed. Also, would be good to hear about the quality of the food.

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        the one i know partners with the chinese medicine shop in Milpitas square, near Golden Island, the same shop that KK referenced in the other thread. they deliver to the entire south bay. in addition to the regular meal plans, they have an organic option, where they claim to use organic ingredients where available. the shop provides the pricing and you can sign up there.

        did not end up using the service so don't know the quality, taste.

    2. Came across this in Wall Street Journal...

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        Thanks so much for this link! It looks great. I had given up, and e-mailed her husband to find out her favorite restaurant. It's P.F Chang's (not my pick, but...) so I'm going with that. But this looks like a great resource for the future. Wish they delivered to Oakland.