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Office Lunch Pizza Recs in Back Bay

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Our office usually orders a dozen or so pies for a lunch every other week. We had been using Bostone, but with the news they are scheduled to close for good this weekend (and UC dead) , we are looking for a new option. Regina in Pru mall could work I suppose. Anyone else have any good suggestions in the area?

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  1. That's sad news about Bostone.

    The Regina's in the Pru mall is sub par IMO.

    You could see if Picco could handle that volume of pies.

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    1. re: Gabatta

      No more Bosstone? Dammit. Especially with UC gone, I figured they'd flourish.

      1. re: Gabatta

        I've actually found the Regina's in the Prudential food court to be occasionally fantastic (for slices). But it's super inconsistent, so it's also often terrible.

      2. VIGA is a nice quick option

        I actually really liked Bostone Pizza, too bad

        OR even order from Pizza Italia from South End http://www.pizzataliaboston.com/

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          We get large orders from Viga fairly regularly, and they're in the realm of acceptable to good to my NY raised pizza palate.

        2. Is that Pizza Pi-er gone from Mass Ave?

          There's also Crazy Dough's, if your coworkers are into it.

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            If only Otto Pizza could find a Back Bay location and settle in with great pizza. At this point I'd settle for one of their take out shops like in Harvard Square. How about a pop up slice shop Otto folks?


          2. Our group have been ordering from Crazy Dough, not healthy, but quite tasty for "pizza ordered at work". I love the potato-bacon.

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            1. re: DrMag

              after taking on some Bostone Staff Crazy dough reached out and sent us a $25 gift certificate. Just went and tried:
              - Buffalo chix w/ bacon - undercooked crust, almost no heat, didn't replace red sauces just dunked tenders in buffalo sauce then chopped and threw on top, no evidence of bacon.
              - Eggplant and red pepper w/ grilled crust - char on crust was good, but forgettable pizza overall
              - Supreme - best of the lot, but just ok
              - one person got a Sicilian potato/bacon slice that looked good

              Oh and all this was after calling in order at 11:45 then arriving at 12:15 (as instructed) and having to wait another 15 minutes. (Maybe a huge lunch order went out just before we got there, but there was almost no activity while we were there)
              Best thing going for them was $5 PBR pitcher, probably won't be going back

            2. Not to hijack the thread, but are there any opinions on Scoozi? There's a Living Social $20 deal currently available.