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Nov 15, 2012 07:23 AM

Fundraiser for school in Hoboken

A friend of mine in Hoboken was looking for some advice. Each year they do a fundraiser for her kids school (HoLa, a dual language charter school). With the hurricane, the school took a ton of damage, and have been in temporary locations, so this year's fundraisier is even more important.

the event traditionally has local restaurants cook food and donate it for the event, but with the storm, she's not sure if they will be able, or even if she should be asking. So she started thinking about going outside the local area or coming up with other ideas that might work. She was even thinking of contacting a few people she knows out of the country to see if she could get their "local" foods shipped in.

The event space needs everything to come already prepared - any "outside the box" ideas?


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  1. In California after a series of fires, schools pooled resources and the school districts left in tact ran a pot luck for the schools sustaining damage. This included businesses, chefs in the area, caterers, food trucks, grocery stores and food writers.

    Put together a press release and send it to the newspaper; enlist local grocery stores. I would keep it local unless a sponsor calls in a outside source. Make a list of your resources right here in NJ and then advertise the need.

    Best of luck!

    1. My local Unitarian Universalist church hosts a "service" auction once a year....members of the church donate things like dinners at their own houses, speciality food items, and also other services such as weeding, babysitting, art, pet care, vacation home, classes etc.... It's a neat idea that can get everyone, not just businesses, involved with the donations.

      I was just looking at another UU's site for ideas for my own contribution to this year's auction. -