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Nov 15, 2012 07:21 AM

Pitcher full of cocktails for a party

I am hosting a party this weekend and I want to make a few pitchers of cocktails. I don't want to make them one by one because of the time involved. I would like to make a few pitchers ahead of time. Do you have any winning pitcher size recipes of cocktails?

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  1. I usually pick one cocktail per evening and then have a well stocked bar. A nice cocktail means you can do it really well with little to no waste and if your guest don’t like they can make their own

    For example at a Christmas part y I might make poinsettias, at Easter I made Easter Sundays, etc.

    The key with volume cocktails is to limit the amount of ingredients, the amount of sparkling mixers that might lose their fizz and never add ice as it will dilute. Make them well in advance and put in the back of the fridge to chill. If you need to leave in the bar area than keep pitcher on a bed of ice.

    So far the most popular cocktails for us this time of year and are easy to do pitcher sized are:

    Moscow Mile: vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, simple syrup
    Classic Martini: gin, vermouth, bitters
    Coco Coolers: Hendricks, St Germaine, lime juice, splash seltzer when serving
    Margarita (not frozen): tequila. lime, curacao
    Cosmos: thousand of variations or stick to the original
    Bajan rum punch- mount gay, lime juice, simple syrup, bitters, dash of nutmeg
    Mojitos: again thousands of variations out there

    There is also sangria, boozy lemonades and ice teas.