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Nov 15, 2012 07:02 AM

Lox in Raleigh / South Wake

Anyone have a good source of real, fresh Nova Lox, like the fresh deli style? Every one of the "flat-pack" grocery store brands I have tried are just dry and leathery.

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  1. Haven't tried it but you should be able to get it at Weinberg's Deli on Falls of Neuse in Raleigh. They also have a very good whitefish salad. Also, though not the same, Fresh Market sells Ducktrap smoked salmons that are pretty tasty. Good luck.

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      I don't know for certain, but odds are they are selling fish (lox, nova, whitefish salad, and whole whitefish sometimes) from Acme in Brooklyn, also available at NY Bagel, HT, and, I think, BJ's. No one I know of slices by hand anymore. That's a lost art, apparently. The lox and nova come pre-sliced from the manufacturer.

      Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Acme. There's just not than much of a market for appetizing in this area and the selection is going to be limited.

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        It will be a splurge but if you want the best - just order from Russ and Daughters on the internet. It is still hand sliced and will arrive looking and and tasting as great as it does from the store on Houston! I'm partial to the Irish or Scottish and the "special sable" is a once a year splurge!

    2. Since your objection to the Nova is that it's dry, you might want to try curing some gravlax on your own at home. You can find recipes all over the internet. You just pack some fresh salmon with salt, sugar and spices, and leave it in the refrigerator for a few days with a weight on it. It'll come out flavorful, moist, and super fresh tasting.

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        Nova or as some call it Nova Lox is a very mild version of Regular or Belly Lox. Gravlax is also a more heavily flavored preparation. Most likely some one who is used to Nova will object to the stronger flavored Belly Lox or Gravlax, or after trying they will finally realize what they have been missing all these years.

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          I agree it is super easy to do and the hardest part from what I can tell is the waiting. Ina Garten did it with some stuff laid on top of the fish as well as in the salt mixture. I don't mind the packaged lox but I know what I'm getting and there is so many different types of cured salmon.

        2. It's a little far and a little pricey, but A Southern Season hand slices their lox and smoked salmon. I find the Smoked Scottish Salmon particularly good and I'm happy with a 1/4 of that instead of a bigger package of the inferior stuff. Plus they're always glad to let you try whatever they have so you can choose what tastes best to you.

          1. Hi all! I couldn't find another good thread to tag this recommendation onto, so I'll hope you'll bare with me adding it here since Weinberg's was mentioned up-thread....

            Had lunch yesterday for the first time at Weinberg's Deli in North Raleigh ( We had: (1) brisket plate special, (2) turkey ruben, and (3) pastrami on rye. I tasted everyone's and it was oh so good! The reuben was nice and rich; the brisket flavorful, and my pastrami was beautifully seasoned. My only small complaint is I had asked for my sandwich to be hot and it arrived cold. The waitress offered to take it back, but we had already been waiting for a while and I was hungry. It was still very nice.

            I enjoyed looking in the deli case at all the meats and pastries... definitely looking forward to going back soon.