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Nov 15, 2012 06:46 AM

Pfeffernüsse cookies, the frosting

Does anyone know how to get a thin hard shell of frosting on pfeffernüsse cookies?
It's on the store bought kind --

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  1. I have always seen them covered in powdered sugar, but here is a blog where powdered sugar was mixed with a bit of lemon juice to form the glaze.

    Another site which offers a recipe for sugar glaze:

    1. Confectioners sugar, egg white and lemon juice. The judges are out on whether the eggwhite should be beaten stiff or only mixed roughly with a fork. Your picture would point to liquid egg white, but then Bahlsen is factory stuff, so all bets are off.

      Personal opinion: this may look good, but I prefer a simple confectioners sugar and lemon juice without the egg white for taste and mouth feel. Apply when the Pfeffernüsse are still warm.