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Nov 15, 2012 06:07 AM

Gilaneh, Persian restaurant located above Katsura, in the Westin Prince Hotel at 900 York Mills Road

Tried Gilaneh with some friends last night. Warm atmosphere, friendly service. I ordered the lamb shank with baghali polo, and my friends ordered some chicken dishes. I plan to return to try some of the dips and kababs.
Has anyone else dined here? The restaurant is owned by the same person who owns Shomal.

Good to have a Persian option so convenient to the DVP and 401.

Be aware that the Westin Prince charges $4/h for parking in their lot, maxing out at $12 if you plan to stay more than 3 hours.

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  1. That irksome $12 parking charge is a deal-breaker for me, no matter how good Gilaneh is. I can understand paying for parking at downtown hotels, where space is at a premium. But uptown? Off York Mills Rd., between Leslie and Don Mills Rd.? Where there are a number of large free plaza parking lots, some of them directly across the street from the Westin? No, thanks. Just a few years ago, if I recall, the open-air parking was free at the Westin. I dropped into the signature resto Katsura every now and then, parked, then strolled in for some decent Japanese. Then a private company took over the lot there and instituted pay parking. Which explains why I've shied away from Katsura ever since. Now I'll shy away from Gilanah as well. If I want Persian cooking - an enjoyable cuisine, but not particularly wonderful - I'll just drive up Yonge St. north of Finch Ave. (though not at rush hour). Prima: kindly report the next time you enter Gilaneh to sample the dips and kabobs, so I'll know what I'm missing (besides the $12 parking charge).

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      I will report back, juno.

      I wondered if it was a private company running the lots. Thanks for confirming that. It seems pay lots in the burbs are becoming more common. Hilton Suites (where Empire Court is located) on Hwy 7 and Doubletree (where Grand is located) have been gouging their restaurants' customers for parking for years.

      Too bad these restaurants haven't been comping the parking for their guests, the way some stores along Bathurst comp parking in the pay lots for their customers who have made a purchase. Empire Court used to give their VIP customers a free parking pass, to be displayed on the dash.

      EDIT: Grand will validate parking, see sasgirl's reply

      1. re: prima

        When we have gone to Grand, we have never had to pay for parking. You just have the server at the restaurant validate your parking ticket.

        We once forgot to do that and just told the parking lot attendant that we just came to eat there and he didn't charge us.

        1. re: sasgirl

          Oh- good to know.

          Happy to hear that Grand validates parking. I've been paying for parking whenever I've visited.