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Nov 15, 2012 05:32 AM

10 Tables JP still delivers

Wednesday special: 3 course meal for $35.00. Four choices in each category. My starter, the charcuterie plate was grand, with a yummy chunky rabbit pate and some excellent pork salamis of various kinds. The Greek olive oil served with the bread was a lovely peppery fruity oil and the Nebbiolo we drank was a fine choice and well-priced (most wines stay at $40.00 a bottle on the list). Spouse had an excellent turnip soup, not overly sweet as with so many winter bisques, and the little amuse bouche was a hot celery soup shooter. We each had the trout with buckwheat and broccoli which was a beautiful dish and so generous we will be eating the second half of it for lunch today. I had a burnt sugar almond cake with smoked vanilla ice cream for desert (came darn near to licking the plate) and spouse had a good though I think more predictable flourless chocolate with thai basil ice cream. Friends with us had the two fish starter which they loved and the adobo rubbed skirt steak which they also loved. Service was friendly and professional and the meal was not only excellent but a bargain at the price. I have been here before but not in a while (we are lucky in Boston to have so many good options and my neighborhood draws me back to the local places we can walk to) but this was an exceptional meal at an exceptional value, so we'll be putting them back on the regular rotation. How nice to see their quality hold up even as they expand. I understand they are opening a place in Newton soon as well. So far, from my limited experience, they haven't lost a step in quality.

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  1. Were any of your 10 Tables JP experiences before they opened 10 Tables Cambridge and the original chef moved there? I think that was cerca 2008.

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      yes, my daughter lived near the original (pre-expansion) one in JP, so we went there several times before the Cambridge opening - oddly, though we liked the food very much back when it was just the one, we think the service has improved. Of course, one pleasant experience is not a sure bet for consistency so I won't swear to it.

    2. tz,i've become increasingly interested in grains as they have further entered the dining mainstream this last decade or so. i think i've only eaten buckwheat in its flour form. would you tell us what it's like as a grain and how they prepared it? thx much.

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          comes in a variety of forms: kasha, grits, groats, flour. not a grain, a fruit seed with grainlike properties and nutrition - cook it a variety of ways, from like risotto to cous-cous - great wholewheaty type taste and very receptive to absorbing whatever you put in or on it when it's in "kasha" form.