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Nov 15, 2012 05:26 AM

Waxy O'Connor's, Lexington

HI, has anyone been to this restaurant? Is it any good. I was married here some 23 years ago when it was the hartwell house, the look has changed substantially but was thinking of going for a hight out with the hubby.

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  1. One of a small national chain of Irish themed "McPubs" featuring Irish Nachos and potato skins. If it were me, I'd rather keep my memories intact and find somewhere else to enjoy the evening.

    1. The name sounds like a character from Boardwalk Empire...

      1. I have been there. It really is just a basic Irish pub/sports bar. The food is so-so at best (the chicken wings aren't terrible) but if I were you I would remember it the way it was and move on.