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OK: family friendly, very good food, good beer list

Kind of a combination of the usual tourist requests. I've noticed that many of the best beer places in Manhattan and Brooklyn are bars and not appropropriate for an 11 and 9 year old. Places like Rattle and Hum and the Ginger Man have great beer and serve food, but the food is meh (I've heard). It seems like the one place that could fit my description is the Blind Tiger in the village, but it's small and frequently mobbed. I'm looking for both lunch and dinner options and realize when I say dinner, I'm in there no later than 7:30 p.m. with kids out of deference to those who prefer an adult atmosphere when having one.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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      1. Blue Smoke in Flatiron appears to have a more than decent beer selection (I don't drink much beer). It also is very kid-friendly in terms of menu and ambiance.


          1. Depends on what areas you are going to be in. What are your plans?

            One beer bar with interesting food and a great beer list is the Pony Bar.


            Short Rib sandwiches are pretty good as are their housemade chips.

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              We're staying at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott so generally looking to be below 42nd st.

              Edited to say, but holy cow, that menu would be right up our alley. Good call.

              1. All good suggestions above. Keep in mind that places which are bars first, but might happen to have food, might not let your children in with you. Regardless of supervision, it's illegal for kids to be in bars. Blind Tiger would probably be in that category.

                Resto & Cannibal - both good, fun places.

                DBGB I like ONLY if you're in the back, main dining room - the menu back there is much better than the overrated burgers n' sausages in the front bar area.

                Tom Colicchio being a bit of a beer nut, his places (both current and former) all generally have good beer lists - his former haunt Gramercy Tavern has a good list (the front room might be better - it's no-rez, but it might have food that's more kid-friendly, like the stuffed meatball) as does Collichio & Sons (again, the front "Tap Room" more kid-friendly, with burgers and pizzas and things, also a more boisterous crowd) - Riverpark (a very family-friendly place) has a smaller, but well curated selection.

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                  "Regardless of supervision, it's illegal for kids to be in bars. "
                  Do NY CITY ordinances differ (supercede) from THE STATE LIQUOR AUTHORITY - This is for all retail licensees, off- and on-premises.

                  "Minors in Licensed Establishments
                  According to Section 260.21 of the Penal Law, persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter an on premises establishment."


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                    I have definitely seen kids in Blind Tiger, especially during weekend brunch and in the afternoons. It really only gets mobbed in the evenings. It is one of my favorite bars to go to for brunch/lunch and an amazing beer selection.

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                      Hmm. I might have been confusing the NY laws with CT's or something. Or maybe an older law that was changed. I know I've had friends with babies / small children denied entry into bars in NYC on those grounds a number of times, as recently as this past summer.

                      Interesting how it's worded, though - "persons under the age of 16" - what does that mean for persons over the age of 16, but under the age of 21? Are they technically allowed unaccompanied into bars? That seems like a recipe for disaster.

                2. You could go to Landbrot (either in the village on 7th ave or on the lower east side) if you enjoy German beer. Theirs is pretty good, and they have some good casual German food. Lots of seating, and it's not a bar. Ginger Man's food sucks, which is too bad because that really is a good beer selection.

                  1. It's largely been covered, but I'll confirm that we've taken our son for Lunch at Blind Tiger since he was born. No problems. The food is really bar food for the most part, but house-made and much better than it needs to be. Absolutely forget dinner, however, based on the crowds, and you'll be happier at noon than 4pm on weekends. Also, be aware, it is a bar, so there will be language, etc. and, in my mind, there is nothing really to say about it.

                    I'd also throw out the various beer halls, depending on your definition of good food and beer. Zum Schneider is very kid-friendly on weekend afternoons, especially in the holidays when they do caroling.

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                      As a former bar employee of many years, I bend backward like a pretzel to make sure my kids aren't "those" kids in a bar/pub. Thanks very much for your insight and suggestions.

                    2. BXL Cafe if you like Belgian beers.

                      I've only been to the BXL on W. 43d, but there are always kids the same age as yours in there. I eat the moules and frites and enjoy it, and while the other food is really not "very" good, it can be fun. Consult with the staff.

                      The W.44th location attracts a fair amount of theater goers on performance days, so if you want to eat after 7.30pm, easier to get a seat. Otherwise, reserve. Nobody will care your kids are there. The place is super-friendly and pub-like in feel.




                      1. I like Jimmys No. 43 for their food and beer. They started doing a weekend brunch over the summer but I haven't been.

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                          Jimmy's kids are in there quite often, so I'm sure they won't have a problem with you bringing yours in.