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Nov 15, 2012 05:05 AM

My Butcher and More-Annapolis

Does anyone know what happened? It looks like they're closed...perhaps in October?
They were amazing, I loved the lamb that they sold. And the organic locally raised
pork was from Frederick county. Anyone have the skinny?

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  1. Lack of business. It really is a shame too. People don't support local businesses and would rather run in Whole Foods. you won't get the kind of service they gave at My Butcher & More. He's still on his facebook.

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    1. re: cb1

      It is such a shame, Mike and his staff were good to their customers. They had great food and locally sourced which I liked. Honestly, I didn't shop there enough. Maybe every 8 weeks or 10 weeks. I'll miss his business.

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        Just yesterday I got into it with a Whole Foods "butcher". He couldn't understand why I wouldn't pay $30 for a rack of lamb that looked as if a rottweiller had frenched it. Honestly, it looked as if it had been chewed, and he had a problem with having to go out back to see if they had one that I could take home and french myself (as nobody there appeared to have a clue how to do that). Ended up walking out without buying anything. In a world where everything comes shrink wrapped it really is no surprise that people don't value good butchering.

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          Same thing at the new Wegman's. I looked and walked away. Very sad. Mike spoiled me. I would call ahead and my order would be ready when I got there.

      2. What?! I was just there a few weeks ago. That place had sausage *to die for*. Where can I get Binkert's outside of Baltimore now?

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          hi its me Mike from My Butcher and More try Regina's on West Annapolis on Annapolis St. Stephanie the owner on occassion sell Binkert sausages. i would google for their phone number and ask whatthey carry on a regular basis.

          i do have a My Butcher and More facebook page where I can be contacted in the future.

          Good Luck!


        2. He had to close because the economy was rough, the Deracho caused a major loss, and not enough business. People would go occasionally, but local businesses need more than the every so often. He knew the farmers that were his sources for meat, and made sure everything was local, fresh, and organic, grass fed, or free range as much as he could. His staff was friendly and helpful. He cared about his product. This is a loss.

          1. Hi Lucinda thanks for your kind words there was a combination of problems my shop endured. The constant prolonged power outages we endured always fell on holiday weeks or weekends in the past two years. Forty five days of 100 degree average heat last summer kept people inside. Ontop of the economy, the elecetinn uncertainty and high feed prices it was the perfect storm of negative
            Hurdles people just stopped supporting us. i can name about 100 cusomers who stayed loyal but we had 1000 + two years ago.

            i just hope this is a wake up call everyone needs ro support locally owned businesses no matter what!

            happy Holidays!

            Mike Smollon, Owner
            My Butcher and More - Closed 11/25/2012

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              Lost of a great resource, run by a great guy.

              1. re: meatheadchef

                Mike I am so sorry! My husband wanted to take butcher classes from you! Are you thinking of opening again in say Baltimore and DC? Let us know!