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Nov 15, 2012 04:16 AM

Klok ceramic knives at Ocean State Job Lot

I know Job Lot sells a lot of junk but just looking at their latest sale flyer and they have a brand of ceramic knives by Klok. Never heard of the name and there isn't anything on the interent about them. Does anyone know anything about them? I have been curious about ceramic knives and was wondering if this cheap brand would be worth trying. I am thinking they are junk if they are at Job Lot?

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  1. Since no one has replied, I will. No, I have not heard of Kolk. Personally, I prefer metal knives over ceramic. If you are going to try a ceramic knife, I say try a paring knife. It is cheaper, and it is shorter and therefore less likely to break. One of the major concern of ceramic knives is their brittle nature.

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    1. Just for grins I picked up a couple of very cheap ceramic knives at Harbor Freight.
      To my surprise, I liked them. They work well, and I don't care if anything happens to them due to the under$10 price.

      1. so I happened to be in the Job Lot store and saw the knives in passing and decided to pick one up. I bought a small santoku knife for $12.00 and have used it twice so far cutting up onions and pepperoni and it seems to have worked fine. It's very light weight and comfortable to hold.

        1. hi bought the 5" santoku stainless steel knife, and it chops great! only used it once so far, but i like it. :)

          1. Try with strong magnet if it is really ceramic.

            Everyone should have a ceramic because they don't leech energy from the fruits and vegetables.

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            1. re: VictorA

              <Everyone should have a ceramic because they don't leech energy from the fruits and vegetables.>

              Except it is ok with copper (probably bronze or something) or sliver knives, right? Afterall, you did say diamagnetic metal and paramagnetic metal are ok.

                  1. re: jbuttitta

                    <Utter bollox>

                    Technically speaking (like absolutely technically speaking), VictorA's last statement is correct. He did say that ceramic doesn't leech energy from fruits and vegetables. That -- I assume is an assertion that you agree with, no?