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Nov 15, 2012 04:00 AM

No luck with EMP, where to go instead?

I would like to book a memorable restaurant for a family last night together for a while.
There are 5 of us (awkward number for reservations)
I don't like French and we'll probably have Italian for lunch
Should be Mid-Town (but not necessary)
Should be cutting edge modern and imaginative but not molecular
Saturday night Dec 8 (less than a month away)
I really enjoy fresh, crisp and delicious and dislike harty, long-cooked, meat and two veg
Not too exotic (my brother is just the opposite of me)

Plus side: there is no limit to the budget. This is a one-off and should be worth it.

Thanks very much for any assistance and tips you might give me!

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  1. Hard to satisfy all of your caveats, but might I suggest The NoMad? Also, Gramercy Tavern.

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    1. re: ramenbound

      If you can switch Italian from lunch, try Vice Versa.
      Blue Hill is also fine but not mid-town.

    2. How about the DIning Room at The Modern? There is a 6:00 available. Beautiful setting especially around the Holidays. Great food.

      1. If you're willing to switch the italian for lunch then I'd suggest Marea, I think it's the best italian in town if you like fish..

        Then The Modern, Le Bernardin, Per Se, etc etc.. The usual big players..

        I have a really sweet spot for Tocqueville, every dinner I had there was nothing short of amazing.

        1. I was at Marea and Blue Hill a few weeks ago and both were outstanding. Le Bernadine was too, as usual, but that is French. Dining Room at The Modern was excellent at lunch a while back.

          1. Oh, I forgot, how about Public?