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Nov 15, 2012 12:24 AM


Hi All, I know this has been posted before but some of the thread relating to the questionare little old and wondering if anything has changed?

Basically I will be in Tokyo from Jan 1-5 2013 and then head to Sapporo for a day before hitting the slopes in Niseko.

I know most departmental stores will be open and Tsukiji Mkt will be closed.
How about the eateries in the outer market like Sushizanmai?

Given that I land at 6am on Jan 1st, what would be a good recommendation for brekkie if I'm staying in the Otemachi/Tpkyo station area?

Would the dining area in Ueno be open at night?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Jan.1st might be interesting to go to one of the large shrines where vendors will be set up on the grounds. Nothing too great but it might be an interesting scene.

    Hakone Ekiden begins and ends in that neighborhood on 2nd and 3rd. Should be stuff open around there... Jan.2nd has been start of most big department store sales around the city....I don't think Sushizanmai ever closes, but the fish market does. So draw your own conclusions on that one.

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      Tsukiji market will close on December 30th/31st,  sushi zanmai close accordingly from January 1st to 04th. The only sushi open in that date on January 1st is sushi468 (=sushi Yoropa), at Asakusa, a Kyoto style sushi. In Kyoto style sushi, sushi are not made by hand, but the rice is pressed from the top, with slices of 'anago(conger eel)', 'marinated saba(=maquerel)', and more sweetened. This tiny sushi shop serves also some very good 'ankimo(liver of angler)', and other 'tsumami'(snacks)/sashimi). They close when they run out of fresh seafood. If you intent to go there, it will be necessary to make a call on the morning of your arrival (Japanese only 03-3843-6964)..
      Sushi 468 -Asakusa
      Sushi Zanmai calendar -Tsukiji
      Yes in Ueno, some shops are open, same as Asakusa, just look around, you will find some 'yakiniku(grilled meat Korean style)', not the best but still ok, and, if I remember correctly, there is a 'robutayaki(Japanese style barbecue)' in the street that goes from Matsuzakaya to Yushima station.
      I think it is this one :
      Robatayaki Taruhei - Ueno - Yushima

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        Sushizanmai is open year round. The honten in Tsukiji never closes. Look at their website.

        1. re: Silverjay

          Thanks for the info guys! much obliged!
          Will report back once the rip is over for the benefit of travellers going at that time.
          whats the best sushi that will be open while I am there apart from 468 ?

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            Oops !! Sorry, January 1st, except sushi Zanmai, and perhaps sushi 468, .. that's a hole.

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              The market is closed during that time so the nicer shops will closed as well. Some place like Sushizanmai is probably your best bet.

              1. re: asidbyrne

                Should we be holding our breaths for your report?

                1. re: E Eto

                  Apologies on this as this was largely a no-go. Market was largely closed and Sushizanmai honten was packed to the brim. Did manage to eat there but I think the crowds may have impacted the quality as it was mediocre at best.

                  Did manage to visit the Meiji Shrine and eat at the stalls on the grounds which was less then gourmet but quite acceptable for what it was.

                  It was largely still enjoyable as a trip but the food was mainly ad-hoc and whatever was open and did not have a queue.

                  I would hence in general not recommend not having a food trip around that time if one can help it in Tokyo.

        2. Had some decent Sushi on the run in the small 5 seater counter in the basement of Mitsukoshi in Ginza though.

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            Sorry not familiar with the photo posting system yet.

            First pic above. Went to some place in a building in Ginza for some uber priced shabu shabu/sukiyaki. Receipt attached but don' know the name of the place. Food was good but IMO overpriced.

            Second pic is the seafood bowl in the seafood market in Sapporo. Its very small compared to Tsukiji but very cosy and the shop was recommended by one of the safood vendors. Corner shop facing the road.

            Last pic was just from the small sushi counter in the basement of Mitsukoshi in Ginza. Probably the best I managed to eat on this trip.

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              Was the sushi-ya in the basement of Mitsukoshi called Tsukiji Sushi-Iwa?

              1. re: od_sf

                Very possibly though I can't be certain as I did not see an english name. Its in the basement and seats 5 tucked away in a corner of the basement. It was a quick 5 minute stop but fish was fresh and rice was just nice warm.

          2. Some pics from the trip 3 days in Tokyo where we went to Tsukiji and ate at Zanmai and the Meiji Shrine Food Fair during the New Year holiday and had Santouku at Omate Sando Hills

            1. Sapporo and Otaru