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What to do with six cooked egg whites left over from fried eggs.

What can I do with six fried egg whites left over from sunny side up eggs?

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  1. Meringue of some sort - cookies, Pavlova, Eton Mess. Or you can mix them lightly with a touch of baking soda and freeze in an ice cube tray for later use.

    ETA: I just saw that they are COOKED egg whites - sorry! The above wouldn't work so well. :(

    1. chop them and make egg white salad (egg salad without the yolk). or fold them into fried rice or pad Thai.

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        Chop and add to tuna or chicken salad. Or chop and garnish a green salad with a little grated cheese .

      2. Chop and add to savory oatmeal. Or, make a dog very very happy.

        1. I'm curious why only the yolks were consumed, and how was that done? That's pretty dexterous fork work.

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            Child's play. It was as a child that I always ate the yolk of my fried eggs first, followed by the whites.

            I still have specific recollection of at some point noticing my father cut his egg into wedges like a pie and beginning to eat my eggs as he did.

            Also, a piece of toast can remove all the yolk perfectly well.

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              So these aren't just leftover, they are slightly used, too? :)

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              The sunny side up yolks were put on top of a fish cake with finely chopped chives. Sounds strange but it was very good.

            3. Make and sandwich for lunch.

              1. I second (or third) adding them to fried rice or eating with some toast.

                1. I'd likely just eat them on the spot.

                  1. send them to me to add to the 10 egg yolks left over from a mocha dacquoise this weekend.

                    1. Make a couple of breakfast sandwiches or burritos.

                      1. Chop them, season them (like you'd do for Deviled Egg filling), add a little mayo, & have an egg-white salad on lettuce or as a sandwich.

                        1. Cut 'em up and put them in pork fried rice. Or don't cut them and make this recipe: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recip... Or some derivative thereof