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Nov 14, 2012 06:30 PM

LCBO Food & Drink Magazine - Holiday Edition 2012

Has anyone seen this yet? I heard it was supposed to be out on Nov 7th but so far, I haven't seen it anywhere.

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  1. Lots of them west of London.

    1. I got it at the Royal winter fair but that wont help you unfortunately. Definitely seek it out, its an excellent edition!

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      1. re: hungryabbey

        Good to know though hungryabbey, I'll be at the Wine Show this weekend, perhaps the LCBO will have some there....(fingers crossed!)

      2. Cloverdale mall was out of stock on Saturday. There were a few boxes at the Queensway Islington location.

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        1. re: panko

          I picked mine up in Georgetown on Nov. 7. Funny, the display stand was empty of them - I asked and received some lame excuse that there were more in the back, but I would have to come back tomorrow. Nope. I used to do some part-time work at that LCBO years back and have not missed a Food and Drink since they were bilingual (eons ago). I insisted I get one! Brampton also had them last week. You have to get them quick as they do disappear fast. Incidently, the editor's note indicates this is "their biggest issue yet".

          1. re: foodie_guru

            Each copy is no longer bilingual; however, the publication exists in English and in French. As our SAQ (Qu├ębec equivalent) publication exists in French and English. Usually I could find a French-language one left when I was in Ottawa.

        2. Got mine last week at College and Euclid.. hasn't checked back since though..

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          1. re: rstuart

            Yes.. they seemed to have quite a few left! Odd. I usually go to the one near work (at the Atrium on Bay), and it always gets cleaned out with a day or so!

          2. I went to Queen's Quay last night & they were all gone. The guy said they went during the first week.

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            1. re: terrycar

              Last night in Mississauga the Meadowvale store had none, but the much smaller Streetsville store had lots. Try a lower volume store in your area.