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Nov 14, 2012 06:22 PM

Upcoming SF/Napa visit

I'm headed up to SF and possibly Napa next Tuesday through Sunday and am looking for some current recs to round out the trip. My girlfriend is a vegetarian, but eats seafood. While in SF, we're staying near the Embarcadero and will have a car.

Places we've liked in the past include Fringale, Yank Sing, China Village (in Albany), Brenda's (for brunch), Canteen (for brunch), and Range.

On Weds night, I have a reservation at Seven Hills for dinner and Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving. We'll most likely go to Yank Sing for lunch one day.

So mainly looking dinner recs for Tuesday (with my parents) and possibly Friday though we will be with friends who are locals who I'm sure will have ideas, as well as lunch places. Less into tasting menus, but not a deal-breaker.

State Bird Provisions - Is this at all doable, or am I looking at a terribly long line that isn't worth it?
Mission Chinese Food - same?
Local Mission Eatery - Like the idea of a more "neighborhood" place, does this fit the bill?
Flour & Water - Too similar to Seven Hills?
A16 - same?
Bar Tartine - better for lunch or for dinner?

Most likely headed to Napa on Saturday, and I have reservations at Ad Hoc for both Saturday night dinner and Sunday brunch, though we won't eat there for both. I've seen that Grace's Table in Napa gets excellent nods from everyone here. Better for dinner or brunch? Thoughts on Redd Wood? In the past we've been to Bistro Jeanty and Redd, and liked both.
Ad Hoc is a favorite for both food and sentimental reasons, so we'll definitely go for one meal.

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  1. The brunch versus dinner menu at Grace's Table is vastly different (obviously) and I enjoy both. It sort of depends on what you want for a brunch, but I like the brunch food at Boon Fly better and would save Grace's Table for dinner.

    Redd Wood is a pizza joint which is good, but just-as-fine wood-fired pizza can be had also at Oenetri and Pizza Azzuro in downtown Napa. To me, they are all comparable.

    Please note that Ad Hoc has been getting some *very* sketchy reports lately and a lot of people have been leaving very disappointed.

    You might want to also consider wandering around and noshing at the Oxbow Market. And Zuzu for tapas has been a consistent favorite for years by tourists and locals alike.

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      That's sad to hear about Ad Hoc. Always had great experiences there....Hard to imagine, not going at all, but maybe this trip will be about new places. Oenetri looks pretty good. Boon Fly is in the right direction for the drive back, so also may be worth a shot.

      We're headed to Scribe winery from SF, is there anywhere near there we should get a picnic from, or should we be stopping at the Saturday Ferry Building farmer's market?

      1. re: VealParmGuy

        If you stop at the Saturday Ferry Building, first plan to get there early (like right when they open) because you will want to spend several hours at least. That will have you leaving San Francisco around 11:00/noon at best and not getting to Sonoma will eat up part of the day.

        Scribe is in Sonoma and there really isn't anything specular en route; Oxbow is back-tracking a bit, but you haven't indicated if you are going via the 80 or the 101 - that could make a big difference.

        1. re: CarrieWas218

          We've been to the Ferry Building and market before, so theoretically coud be quick.

          Sounds like an early lunch, at someplace like Girl & Fig or Fremont Diner, is probably the best bit if starting out at Scribe. Our hotel is right next to Oxbow, so that would make sense if for some reason we decided to go to hotel first. I think it will depend on where we're headed after Scribe, which is TBD.

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