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Oven bottom storage drawer?

How do you use your storage drawer? It always seemed very awkward to me to store anything down there.

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  1. pot lids and the spatter guard. That's it- the lids are close by when I need them, and tucked away when I don't.

    1. I store lots and lots of baking/cookie sheets. The drawer under my oven is very roomy and I can store them flat.

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      1. Mainly metal things such as cookie sheets, muffin pans, pie pans, etc. Oh, and a rather large ladle that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.

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          Yup. I have a small kitchen and with out my oven drawer I would have not comfortable way of storing my cookie sheets and cooling racks.

          (and maybe I can get that damn ladle of the wall! Brilliant)

        2. If you have a convection oven, then store the extra racks there.

          1. Mine stores the baking stone and the broiler pan, unless I actually remember that it's really a warming drawer. Then I may turn it on and use it.

              1. I so wish I had a warming drawer, but I think it's just a storage drawer. Just thought I'd get some ideas. Pots and pans lids seems like a great idea as there is really no other good place to store them.

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                  Warming drawer here: holds pizza stone, pans and cooling racks. My warming drawer is totally useless as is. It's so shallow, I couldn't fit a 3 inch baking pan in it. I wish they would just eliminate that feature and go back to the original storage area like my mom's range had. She fit all of her Reverware collection in the drawer. True, that the oven cap is bigger in mine, so I'm torn, I guess.

                  Plus, here's the issue with using a lower oven drawer in my home: creatures. I vac constantly and dust like mad, but I couldn't deal with finding a floating animal hair landing in that lower drawer. Ick. I don't want to open the drawer and having a stay dog hair landing in my gratin. Ick, double ick.

                  1. pot lids and cutting boards

                    1. Muffin tins and extra baking pans ad my house. And the broiler pan.

                      Mom stored the lids in hers.

                      At new house (moving Daturday) probably only broiler pan if that because we have lots of storage.

                      1. 4 cast iron skillets. It is sort of a PITA but space is limited.

                        1. I store my frying pans and skillets there.

                          1. The storage drawer on the bottom of the range in our house contains baking sheets, cooling racks, and maybe a broiler pan on the bottom.

                            1. Cookie sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins. I might move my splatter guard in there, as it always seems to end up on top of the refrigerator.

                              1. The "bottom drawer" of my gas oven is the broiler, so I don't store anything there - it would be destroyed!