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Nov 14, 2012 05:32 PM

first time deep-frying a turkey... any tips or advice?

We are actually trying one out first this weekend to see if we can do it. It will be thoroughly thawed, we will pre-measure the amount of oil required, it will be cooked outside, etc. We've watched Alton Brown's video on how to do it a few times.

Anything else to share?

P.S. If it works and we decide to do it for Thanksgiving dinner, I'm going to get some turkey legs/wings and roast them first in order to make stock/broth in order to make gravy. There are no drippings when you deep-fry a turkey!

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  1. We do it a lot. We inject the turkey witha Cajun marinade the day before Make sure the turkey is dry before lowering slowly in the oil. We usually cook it 3 minutes a lb plus 5 minutes. Don't do too large a bird. We use canola oil. Good luck.

    1. Make sure that you don't set up the burner and pot on a deck attached to the house. If sown thing does go wrong, you want to reduce the danger to the house.