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Nov 14, 2012 04:59 PM

Monterey Brunch

Will be meeting family from accross the country in Monterey over the holidays. Anyone have any good area brunch recommendations. There will be about 13 of us (including a baby).


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  1. In Carmel, Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch has a nice brunch.

    1. do you mean Thanksgiving or Christmas?

      here's a link to Edible Monterey, which you can read online page by page. This is the blog page, which has some info on Thanksgiving meals, not sure about brunches. Many restos do not do a T-day brunch buffet, but have traditional waited seatings to make reservations for. For 13 you'd need a special table setup. Reserve like, yesterday.

      Likewise, if you want a tradional non Tday brunch buffet, Fri and Sat will be very busy with hoiliday shoppers, so make res' now. Have a wonderful get together. The pennisula is lovely now, thought he storms this weekend may do away with the fall color on display.

      Gail mentioned the Mission Ranch Inn at the mouth of the Carmel River, an old ranch hq, historic and cozy. Might be right up your alley. Beautiful tranquil gorunds and views of a protected estuary and Carmel Beach. Heritage sheep!

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        Thank you both. This is for xmas time (not necessarily exactly on xmas) so hopefully that gives me a litte time! I will check out the links.

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          Hello! We are in Carmel now! Check out Schooner's Coastal Kitchen at The Monterey Plaza Hotel. :)