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Nov 14, 2012 04:42 PM


I didn"t end up making it to Kosherfest as I was too backed up at work after Sandy. Anything interesting?

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  1. Jack's Gourmet sausages had a great Facon - better even than beef fry. there's a great cholov yisrael greek yogurt, and a fish sausage that will have you swear is beef - it's really good. Moses vodka had a date-flavored vodka that was interesting, and i had horseradish flavored sweet pickles that evoked memories of gefilte fish and chrain - the sweet and spicy mix was great. and then there were the old standbys that are always enjoyable - the international glatt chopped liver and sausages (especially the veal!), mikee's different sauces, and angel's fresh chocolate chip cookies.

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      Thanks so much for responding! Sounds like fun.

    2. it was! there was a tremendous proliferation of asian-inspired sauces also that were great to try out and i can't wait to bring home from the supermarket!

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        Nice pareve hot chocolate from a new company called Cuppa J, which will hit the market soon. Several Israeli companies who make all the items we already know, and have copy cat products available at the same price as what we already have. Then some Israeli companies making imitations of American products and are looking for distributors. But there were also lots of nice minor innovations but very few real causes for excitement. More cheeses coming,