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Nov 14, 2012 04:32 PM

Hilarious spoof on Williams Sonoma Catalog

I laughed-till-cried reading this, especially the ones about the Hungarian sacks, set-of-two potato scrubber gloves, and $74 biscuits.

These are real products from W-S!

Any other examples of seasonal humour to share?

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  1. i need that hungarian sack stocking.

    and he's right, sacks ARE big in hungary!

    i mjight also need the potato washing gloves. right now, i use my stainless steel scrubbie, thereby marring the nutritious skin!

    1. 10 pieces of Smores for $29 (What the hell? You mean my parents and my club scout had fed me crappy cheap smores all these years? They freaking lied to me and made me to make my own smores with a stupid camp fire, while I could have ordered these smores from Williams Sonoma. From now on, I am going to feed my children with these, and tell them that "Jimmy. Daddy loves you. You have no idea how tough life was. When I was your age, I had to start my own fire in order to make my own smores".):

      a $25 caramel apple (Talk about feeling rich. "Hey, Mr. Homeless. See this f--king giant caramel apple? Yeah, one bite of it is more than your entire day worth of meal. You bet Snow White wants to bite this badass!"):

      A $220 honing steel (Yeah, everyone know you have to use a bull horn honing steel. Who care if the steel itself works. I don't want people see me holding anything but a bull horn. What would my neighbor think if they see me holding a plastic handle honing steel. Oh the thought of a plastic handle boning steel makes me want to puke):

      $60 iPhone case (I have $60 which I don't know what to do with. Oh yes, instead of donating to Red Cross and Salvation Army. I will donate to Williams Sonoma and get this stupid sh*t):

      A $60 WS version of the Chinese spider skimmer (I have no idea why the Chinese chefs use the cheap ass brass color dull looking $7 spider skimmer. Anyone knows anything will want a shiny 18/10 stainless steel Williams Sonoma engraved spider skimmer. It will automatically makes my Chinese food better. For $60, I can instantly improve my Chinese noodle or Ramen, or whatever sh*t they do in the kitchen):

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        $25 for a caramel apple is definitely ridiculous. I buy my mother caramel apples from an online seller for most holidays (I got her flowers for mother's day once, and she told me the apples were better). They are expensive, but not $25, and I can choose from multiple varieties and they look better.

        Tastewise, I don't know - allergic to apples, don't need to go to the ER.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Now, about that caramel apple. It says it serves 17. It's a 1 1/2 to 2 pound apple. Besides the difficulty of trying to evenly divide the apple into 17 slices (all having an equal amount of caramel, 'cause nobody wants to be shorted their caramel), where do you find 17 people who want only one slice of this apple? Last time DH and I had a honkin' big caramel apple like this, it took the two of us to eat it, but I sure wouldn't have wanted 15 more people lined up in my kitchen waiting for their share.

        2. Now this is funny--re the cheese hamper:
          "Notes from Drew: Where else am I supposed to put my dirty cheese?"

          My friend and I went to the W-S outlet store yesterday. They were selling sexy, red espresso machines--ALL REFURBISHED. Ummm, you have boxes upon boxes piled high of REFURBISHED espresso machines...what was wrong with them in the first place? HA HA HA! "Would you like to buy our secondhand f***ed up goods we couldn't get right the first time? Hmm? Would you?"

          I left still wanting the Nordic Ware Honeycomb Cake Pan (for real, I did)...and it was actually on sale. I may go back and get it before Christmas because I like bees and am a whimsical kinda gal, myself. :)

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          1. re: kattyeyes

            I actually have that Honeycomb cake pan, and it is fun to use, the recipe on the packaging is really good as well. On caveat though - it is a pain to clean, because of all the little ridges and it needs to be handwashed.

            1. re: EllieS

              Ah, that's good feedback. Thank you! If the pan is still there when I go back to the outlet store, it's coming home with me. :)

          2. The Hungarian sack takes the cake. I have no examples of seasonal humor except for the fact that I order from W-S once/year, at Christmastime, for a relative who only wants things from here. And if I don't laugh at that, I'll cry....

            1. Ha! Love it! The Hungarian sack, where else would I put my dirty cheese, and looking late at night for the potato scrubber and only finding the carrot one. Great stuff! I agree that the chocolates look amazing, though. Thanks for sharing this.