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Nov 14, 2012 03:54 PM

Thanksgiving Plans Have Imploded... Opportunity To Experience a Nice Meal/Stay Somewhere in NC..? Where Would You Go?

Thanksgiving is usually at our house, however due to unforeseen circumstances, my husband and I are now on our own for the holiday. Any suggestions on places (anywhere) in NC where we might go - maybe even stay a night - for a great meal? Currently looking into the O.Henry, but wanted to request fellow Chowhounders' input. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you have the funds, there are few things better than staying at the Fearrington House B&B, and having a fancy dinner at the restaurant. Don't know what they have for Thanksgiving this year, and it may be too late for reservations, but you could try.

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      Interview with the chef from Fearrington where he discuses Thanksgiving and talks about this years menu towards the end.

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        I would concur. I've had the fortune of being able to travel to Europe decades ago and my parents took us to Relais resorts in the UK and in France and all had out of this world gourmet food not to mention luxury accommodations. But the food was leagues above other great restaurants. I
        There are fewer Relais establishments here in this country but they are all special and memorable experiences -- sometimes a "once in a lifetime" experience! The Woodlands in Summerville, SC used to be a Relais. I ate there before it lost its Relais ranking and it was special then. The Peninsula Grill maintains its Relais status.

        I listened to the interview too. Thanks for posting it. I and wish it was closer to where I am. I'd LOVE to go for Thanksgiving or ANY time!

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          The Thanksgiving menu features lamb, scallops and turkey. Not typically eaten by vegetarians.

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            I try to eat mostly plants and whole grains. I do eat a little poultry and fish and dairy. I just don't like it when 75% of a menu consists of red meat . It would be nice if more chefs tried to do things with vegetables. For example, Whole Foods has a great Rosemary chestnut stuffing. Sweet Potatoes and squash have loads of A vitamins. There are all the dark green leafy veggies an imaginative chef could do something with.Then there are legumes nuts and seeds. It is too bad everything in so many restaurants is focused on flesh. If a Chef like Colin Bedford was preparing seafood or duck, you can bet I'd be first in line to try it and choose it over a vegetable dish prepared by a less talented chef.

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            The Woodlands is sold and has been closed...being turned into a personal residence I believe.

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            Wow. After listening to the interview and studying their website it sounds like this place is one of the best places to go in the world , let alone the South! I wish it was closer to me. I'd be there often enough to try most things on the menu. I don't mind spending the money when you know it is going to be special!

          4. The Quaintance-Weaver hotels have some great looking packages. I had brunch at Print Works Bistro. It was very good but not "great". Took a look at the adjoining hotel and it was beautiful - modern and sophisticated yet lush materials. All in all I have thought a weekend to one of their properties would be quite nice.

            Local folks on another forum I follow were raving about a B & B owned by the couple who own Saint Jacques in Raleigh. The review spoke highly of the food and lodging - felt the entire experience was top notch. Here is the link, but no info regarding Thanksgiving:


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              Meatn3 - if you don't mind sharing... What's the other forum you follow? I'd love to add it to my list of resources! :)

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                Sure, It's not a food forum but I find a lot of good local info and the posters are quite helpful.

            2. What about The Umpstead Hotel & Spa in Raleigh. I've never stayed there and have never eaten at Herons, their restaurant, but I've heard good things about the chef & the food from some and they've regularly gotten good reviews from various sources. Not sure what your budget is but it's pricey.

              1. If money is no concern, I'd head to Asheville and stay at the Grove Park Inn and Spa. If you purchase any spa treatment, even a simple manicure, you have access to all the spas pools, steam room, sauna, etc. for the entire day. I would plan your meals in Asheville though. There are many good recommendations on this board.

                1. We're in the same boat this year and have also been searching for places within a 3 hour drive. Couldn't find a menu regarding Heron's Thanksgiving selections. Angus Barn, Carolina Crossroads, Margaux, Il Palio are serving Thanksgiving. As far as out of town... Grove Park is booked full. We love Green Valley Grill which is the restaurant at O'Henry. Great food. Also considering Basnight's Lone Cedar in Nag's Head.. one of my favorites and they have oysters.

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                    If you are considering Basnight's place then consider Kelly's. A huge quality buffet. Oyster on the half shell, Oysters Rockefeller. An absolutely fantastic spread. Not cheap but GREAT! We did it about 4 years ago.

                    To me Angus Barn wasn't worth it and I like the Angus Barn.