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Nov 14, 2012 03:43 PM

The Mexican cart on Roosevelt Avenue right outside the 74th street station

Hopefully people know what I am talking about based on my description. The chef is usually a stocky build man with dark hair and mustache in his 30's. He has a rotating cast of assistants of various levels of professionalism.

All I get there are cemitas. With tripe, if he has it, which he does about half the time. The cemitas come on real deal bread which obviously comes from a local bakery. An avocado is cut to order. The bread gets a minute or 2 on the griddle before it is smeared with some beans.

The papalo is applied generously. No papalo=imposter cemita

If you say yes to picante, this glorious red chili mixture is on your sandwich (if anyone knows what this is please chime in), along with the classic Mexican white cheese that is always so buoyantly pleasant,

The sandwich is big. What a $6 dinner

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    1. re: Humbucker

      I've always found those Sabor Mexicano carts pretty mediocre. The quality of food usually depends on who is doing the cooking, but their ingredients seem to be about a step below many of the other carts around there. And I always noticed a help wanted sign on those SM carts. Not always a good sign.

      1. re: E Eto

        I assure you the man with the mustache has some tripa on his griddle that is nothing to sneeze at

    2. Eating a disappointing cemita from this cart right now. No papalo, no avocado, light on the cheese (I like a nice thick layer) and chipotle. Coatzingo does a better cemita. On the plus side, the bread seems fresher and less dry than most other cemitas I've had.

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      1. re: Humbucker

        No papalo and no avocado? I wonder if this could be the same cart? If they tried to sell me a cemita with no papalo or avocado I would kindly tell them to find some other gringo to bamboozle.

      2. I would be very grateful if anyone would share their favorite Mexican food truck on Roosevelt Avenue

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        1. re: AubWah

          my favorite for snacks, which is their expressed specialty, is the one outside the chase on 75th street. great gorditas, picaditas and the like. super fresh, and the lady during the day is very good about customizing.

          the tamale lady who sets up shop outside pizza don before nine AM is my favorite of the tamale vendors. she's a doll.

          i really miss tacos huetzozingo (sp?) which was right on the corner outside the subway, then moved a block east and now seems to have disappeared.

          1. re: debinqueens

            The young ladies that specialize in quesadillas? Only $3, what a value.

            1. re: AubWah

              yes, those ladies. they have such a wide array of offerings, and i've not yet been disappointed. a dear dear vegetarian friend of mine appreciates a visit there, because requests for "sin carne" aren't met with incredulous stares!

              1. re: debinqueens

                By the way, the name of the cart is Sabrosa Tacos y Quesadillas. And those ladies are pretty wonderful.