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Nov 14, 2012 03:40 PM

Seeking inexpensive caterer in Baltimore

Just need roasted chicken for 50. Who is most inexpensive and with a StarK or some such. Plus tastes good.

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  1. I'd call either:

    O'Fishel Kosher -
    or call Mosey at The Knish Shop:

    Both do nice work and inexpensively.

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      1. re: 2000man

        In reality, Knish Shop is better, but more expensive I would guess. Still, Mosey's a very generous guy, and always strives to make the customer happy. Fishel may be the cheapest for something like roasted chicken and it's acceptable.

      1. re: cappucino

        Actually, Yaffa does a -very- nice job. I'd recommend him. Unsure on his pricing, but overall in Baltimore, there aren't many "expensive" caterers. Things are relatively low here, primarily due to the socioeconomic status of the Orthodox population. There are caterers that are much more expensive, but I wouldn't necessarily say you get your bang for your buck.

      2. O'Fishel is O'Fantastic!

        1. I attended a small bar mitzvah in Silver Spring today catered by O'Fishel. I thought the food was tasty, and the set-up and service (buffet style) was very nice. I know you are specifying roast chicken, but for anyone else who sees this thread, I'll just put in a word for their BBQ'ed beef "sandwiches" on mini-rolls. Really tasty! Fried chicken and chicken with BBQ were good, as were the mashed potatoes. Green beans were not overcooked, which is often the case, and the grilled veggies were OK. I didn't try the quinoa stuffed peppers, but they looked pretty. There were a few other things (rice, cole slaw, orzo salad), and everyone seemed pretty happy with the food. It was my first experience with a Baltimore area catered event, but I was happy with it.

          1. The chicken from Yaffa was good and delivered to the site. The owners were polite and easy to deal with. The price was below O'Fishel by a small amount. We had a nice time. Baltimore is a more down to earth community which is so refreshing coming from NY.