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Nov 14, 2012 03:27 PM

Private Group Dining Showdown (Mastros, Aquaknox or Other?)

Hello All,

I'm organizing a large (80 people) group dinner in Las Vegas. It needs to be impressive, it needs to be private and it needs to come in on budget (125/head). I've done a lot of searching and come down to Mastro's Ocean Club and Aquaknox. Does anyone have any opinion regarding either for a group situation? I really like the "Nest" at Mastro's but it appears that their private dining room is more of a function space overlooking that marvel. Aquaknox has a nice albeit dark space but is a bit costly.

Are there other options I should be exploring for a group this large?

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  1. Here is a link to a post about group dining. There is a post in the thread that provides some very good questions to ask.

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      Thanks Eric. I saw that earlier and it is in fact very helpful. Their choice of S&W was on my shortlist as well (there are very few venues that accommodate 80 I've learned). I'm hoping more than anything that someone in the CW community might be able to give the stamp of approval on either of the two venues I whittled down to after considering many of those details.

      So sad that many of my favorites (Sage, Barrymore, Jaleo) don't have private rooms so large.

    2. I went to a group dinner at Mastro's last night and I thought it was fact, I left thinking that if I ever wanted an upscale group dinner in a private room that it would be among my first choices. Caveat, however: my group was far smaller (around 15), and one of their smaller rooms was perfect for us (one long table). I did notice another private room that could seat more with windows overlooking the nest; maybe that's what you're referring to. It is up a level from the "nest." (as are all the private rooms, apparently). I thought it was very attractive. But more importantly, the food was very good and service was excellent. We had a speaker, and the timing was perfect so that he wasn't interrupted. Started with an ahi sashimi to share (excellent quality fish), a choice of salads, and a choice of three entrees with shared sides. I had the petite filet, mainly because the two seafood alternatives were swordfish(which I don't like), and Atlantic Salmon (on the "avoid" list for sustainability issues). The filet was almost fork-tender and perfectly prepared; sides were tasty. For desert I had cheesecake, but someone had ordered their butter cake for desert and insisted I had to try it; they were right. I had never eaten there before, but would definitely consider it again based on my experience. Very nice dinner. No idea on price point; I was not hosting.....

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        Thank you so much Janet! That was exactly the kind of response I was hoping for. I had been going back and forth for weeks and we are going forward with Mastro's for an 80 person group. This gives me less cause for worry the next couple of weeks before our event. I'll certainly check after our event with some additional feedback.