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Nov 14, 2012 03:26 PM

Private Dining Space Needed for Group of 16-20 People for Special Birthday Dinner in Manhattan


Can anyone please give me some suggestions for a great restaurant to host a private party (want to be in a private room) in Manhattan? I am looking for restaurant with a lot of charm, being in a wine cellar would be a huge plus!!

Am looking for a place with great good, does not need to be fancy, just delicious.

The event would be in January, and budget should not be an issue, so any suggestions regardless of price are welcome, I really want to find the best place. Any location is ok, although would prefer to be in midtown or lower Manhattan/village/Tribeca etc.

Thank you so much!!!

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  1. Regardless of some naysayers, I think that the charming little French walk-down bistro, La Boite en Bois at 68th & Columbus, is the perfect place for you if you can take over the entire restaurant. The place is very small -- you'll think you are on a Paris street.
    The food is very good and the service is pleasant.
    The apple bread pudding is totally deadly.
    It is very popular with the pre Met opera and theater crowd in Lincoln Center.

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      thank you I will check it out!

    2. I think the private red dining room at Bouley would be perfect. You'll feel as if you're in a French chateau. We celebrated Mother's Day in that room last year, and I find it to be the most beautiful of the dining rooms at Bouley. Food is superb, and service is excellent. Bouley is in TriBeCa.

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        Thank you! Do you know the number of people they can host?

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          You might need to "rent the room" for your party. It is best for you to call the restaurant directly and ask whether there is a minimum size. The room would definitely hold 16 - 20 people.

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            Just received a mass-mailing email from Bouley that says their private red room can host between 10 - 50 people for a seated lunch or dinner.

      2. 'inoteca on the LES has a private room in their wine cellar

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          thank you! Have you ever been to an event there? I was wondering if it might be too informal/loud?

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            Thank you, this looks very interesting!