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Nov 14, 2012 02:41 PM

Cookbook for an 18-year-old?

I hope I am posting this to the right board. :-) My nephew is 18 and hunts deer and turkey, in season, to help stock his family's freezer. I would like to give him a cookbook focusing on deer and/or wild turkey to encourage him to learn to cook. I have already read "Kill It and Grill It" by Ted Nugent and also "Tag It and Bag It" by Rick Black. Good books but not quite what I am seeking. What other cookbooks would you recommend? Thanks in advance! :-)

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  1. Yes, this is the right board. My husband has an old spiral bound book on the shelf he really likes. I'll try to have a peek at it tomorrow, though I fear it might not even be in print anymore.

    Maybe one of these books rated 4-5 stars by Cabela's customers?


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      Thank you, TDQ, for reminding me about Cabela's! I will definitely check it out.

    2. Sorry for the delay. The spiral-bound hard cover book my husband used during his younger, hunting days is called "Outdoor Tables and Tales: Recipes & Food Memories from America's Top Outdoor Writers"

      It has about 3 dozen venison recipes: roasted, grilled, pot roast, with apples, blackened, steaks (several variations), loin chops, ribs, kebabs, backstrap, jerky, cacciatore, stews, sausage patties, liver, chiles (several), and a loaf.

      14 turkey recipes: fried, smoked, casseroles, roasted, with wild rice, filleted, braised, in milk gravy, chili, soup, and frittata.

      It also has recipes for waterfowl, grouse and other upland birds, small game, fish, "living off the land" (berries, dandelion, ferns, etc) , sides, and desserts.

      I've never cooked from this book, but the recipes look pretty straightforward and my husband, who is a good cook, says they served him well as a young man.

      Oh, and the "stories" aren't really that numerous or extensive, so if that's what appeals to you, you might be disappointed.


        1. 'The Joy of Cooking' is the one I would give him. It's the book of 'basics' which apply to preparing any type of meat....including any game. Want to roast a wild turkey? Look up how to roast a domestic turkey. IMO The Joy of Cooking ought to be handed out to every kid who graduates high school.