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Nov 14, 2012 02:04 PM

Epic Smokehouse in Crystal City - Report

Epic Smokehouse is a combination bbq joint and swank steakhouse. A good idea, I think. I wish them well. At least I hope the steaks are good, because the bbq is not worth a trip.

I tried a combo platter and had the pulled pork,the brisket, and the baby back ribs.

The pulled pork came out shredded, and that must have occurred well before I ordered because it was dry and tasteless.

The brisket was ok, boring.

The ribs came coated in a spicy sauce that was tasty, but I couldn't detect any flavor from the ribs.

In all three, there was no detectable smoke flavor or hardly any flavor at all except for the sauce.

If you want better brisket, go to Hill Country or Wagshals. For better pork, go to Rocklands, and better ribs at Rays East of the River.

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  1. Humm, no diff.
    Love ya Steve