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Nov 14, 2012 01:19 PM

How far in advance can I reserve?

Dear Chowhounds,
we have our dinner itinerary all set for the beginnning of January.
Now I wonder how far in advance can I reserve the following restaurants:
Les Papilles
Le Galopin
Thank you!

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  1. Yesterday would have been good... Really, the sooner the better, and bon appetit!

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    1. re: manouche

      Who knows really? There are no published figures. On the one hand I tend to reserve the day of - unless it's Spring or Clandestino or Abri or you get the picture.
      Manouche is right though, what's wrong with now?; like showing up at the airport early, does it hurt to have some time between?

    2. Hi manouche and John,

      of course, nothing is wrong with reserving quite far in advance! But during the preparation for my previous trips to Paris I learned that many restaurants donĀ“t accept reservations so far in advance. Some will tell you to call again a month, others 4 or 3 weeks before the desired date. So this involves a lot of phone calls and understanding the rapid French answers on the phone can be quite a task for a non native speaker. That was why I thought I could make life a bit easier for me by asking whether fellow chowhounds might have some experiece when to reserve. Apparently, nobody knows, so I have to go on calling. Well, at least good practice for my French!

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      1. re: traveller27

        It varies from restaurant to restaurant, from day to day, and it depends on who you talk to and what mood they're in.

        That's why nobody knows....

        1. re: traveller27

          You can reserve Les Papilles online: Except for Friday and Saturday nights, two weeks should be adequate.

          English is spoken at both Le Galopin and Roseval. Since you are looking for tables shortly after possible year end closures, I would probably book a month in advance.