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Nov 14, 2012 01:12 PM

New Zealand must dine's

Hello, we are visiting NZ next month from 22 Dec - 5 jan. We are going all over.. Auckland, Taupo, Napier, Wellington, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo and Christchurch. We love great food and wine (i know...going to the right place...right??) and would love any suggestions for any of those cities for "must dine' experiences. We are especially interested in having dinner at a winery while in the Napier area.

thank you in advance!

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  1. I had lunch at Amisfield winery near Queenstown and it was fantastic. Great food, great views, nice wines as well. I think they do dinner as well.

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      awesome...thanks! did you by chance golf there too? We are playing 7 times while there including Cape Kidnappers...can't wait!! I will see if we can work Amisfield into our schedule!!

    2. I loved Clooney, KEN Yakitori and Murder Burger in Aukland.

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        Thank you! What kind of food does Clooney have?

        1. re: DCDOLL

          It's modern - few NZ ingredients thrown in here and there.

      2. Hi
        Because it's the Christmas period some of the restaurants in the cities shut down for a week or 10 days so it's worth checking which ones are open. I know for sure Kermadec, Euro and The Foodstore in Auckland are open between Christmas and NYE (not Christmas day.) Clooney, The Grove and The French Cafe are fabulous. The Commons on the North Shore is great too. In Napier Restaurant Indonesia, Moana Park, Mister D, Clearwater and Mission Estate, Elephant Hill and Craggy Range are also lovely in Napier. Wellington is brilliant - highly recommend Duke Carvells, Floriditas and Matterhorn, Shed 5 is also very good. Waiheke Island in Auckland's Waitemata harbour is very definitely worth going to for a winery meal.
        Hope this helps - have a fabulous time when you get here.

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          Thank you so much! We are SO excited!! can't believe it's almost here. can i ask one non-food question?? keep getting conflicting info on temperatures there over that time period...can you tell me if it's shorts weather or pants weather during the day?? thank you!!

          1. re: DCDOLL

            Both! This is 4 seasons in one day country :) We were touring with our guests this morning. It was cold and wet and blowing a gale. By lunchtime when we'd finished the food tour it was sunny and blue skies :)

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              oh boy!! thanks...i was trying to pack light but it doesn't seem possible i guess! oh well if all else fails i'll go shopping! :)

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            Hi BF,
            We are also going to be in Auckland for 3 nights at the end of February. I was told by someone that there is a very good Thai restaurant on Albert St., just above Custom. Have you heard of it, and if so, is it really good?

            Also, how do you feel about Dine,The Grill and Depot? Any comments would greatly help.


            1. re: zboni

              Dine, The Grill and Depot are all great. You can't book for Depot, so be prepared for a little wait. There are a number of Thai restaurants on Albert Street. One of my favourites is on Commerce St, called Zap4 - super cheap and great food. If you want more of a dining experience than noodle cafe, Mai Thai opposite Sky City is good and Sawadee Thai on Ponsonby Road. The one you are thinking is probably Thai Chilli or Grasshopper, both of which are ok :)
              Have an amazing time in Auckland

              1. re: The Big Foody

                Thanks so much BF!
                So, I made ressies at The Grill and was going to do Grasshopper, but you said Mai Thai was much better?? If so, I will make a ressie there. We did want more of a dining experience on this leg of the trip. And for the last one, sounds like Dine is the place to go?
                I appreciate your help!
                In reading your other posts, it sounds like you may be a tour guide? If so, we may like to use your services for 1 day. Please let me know and I will check with the other couple.

                1. re: zboni

                  Go to the Sky City Grand. i posted something after our trip but now i can't find it!! We actually met and talked to Peter Gordon for a while and our meal was truly great.