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Nov 14, 2012 12:59 PM

now my pork dumpling filling's got no mojo (water dumplings)


with much thanks to posters here, i now made lovely thicker-skinned cold water dough pork and napa cabbage dumplings. great skins - held up to boiling then pan-frying but i hated my filling.
i think i made it TOO pasty - has the cooked consistency of soft cat food - not at all appealing. my daughter and hubby think it tastes 'ok' but both agree that the restaurant fillings taste 'meatier' than mine did. please.

  1. First of all, how do you know what the "cooked consistency of soft cat food" is like???

    Second, can you tell me what you are doing? Hard to diagnose without knowing what is causing the symptoms.

    1. You should probably post this in the Home Cooking forum. Not that people here wouldn't want to help, but there are people in that forum who *LIVE* for this sort of question...

      1. Did you do it in the Outer Boroughs?

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        1. re: AubWah

          lol i landed in the wrong forum!!!! (I have to water down our soft cat food for our older cat - and it looked soft like that!)

        2. Here's a more recent version of this topic, so we'll lock this one. Please continue here: Thanks so much!