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Nov 14, 2012 12:10 PM

Best Mulled Wine in Boston

It's getting cold and I am on the search for a really good Mulled Wine or Glogg. Can be in Cambridge, Brookline too. Thanks for all your help!!!

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  1. Interesting subject. The only place I've heard of that serves this is Tupelo, but there must be others.

    1. Check w/Catalyst & ICOB. They had it last year.

      1. I had some at The Hawthorne the other night that was excellent, but I don't think it's on their regular rotation. One could call to check, however.

        1. I used to love the winter sangria at Kingfish....Cafe Polonia in Salem does a mulled wine, not sure of the Southie location.

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          1. Obviously DIY is a possibility here too. We usually make a big batch, put it back in the wine bottle, stick it in the fridge, and dole out small mugs after dinner a couple times a week. The bulk section of the Harvest Coop is a good source for small quantities of spices (e.g., if you want five cardamom pods).