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Nov 14, 2012 12:06 PM

Where to order Pies for Thanksgiving?

Good afternoon! i could use your recommendations for a good bakery to order pies from for Thanksgiving--We definitely want pumpkin pie as well as pecan and a 3rd variety that looks appealing. I'd like to get them from a place in Austin (so no Tx Pie Co bc it's too far). Thanks and look forward to your recs!

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  1. I realize it's not what you asked for, but my family has made it a tradition to get pumpkin pie from Costco each year. They're pretty good and might be a 'backup' plan if you don't find anything else. I'm pretty sure they have pecan as well.

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      costco great huge pie's...there pumpkin and blueberry are killer!!!!

    2. What about Upper Crust? Their cranberry-apple pie is wonderful. You can get your dinner rolls there, too. No doubt, they'll be doing something special for the occasion, too.

      1. There are several trailers and small operations that sell great pies - Cutie Pies comes to mind - but you need to preorder really soon. You can also try Sugar Mama's, Pie Fixes Everything or The Pie Society.

        For non-trailer options the Eastside Cafe spin-off Elaine's Pork and Pies might be taking Thanksgiving orders for whole pies and I know Walton's Fancy and Staple sells them.

        Of all these options, my favorites are the buttermilk pies at Cutie Pies and Elaine's.

        1. In the Arbor Walk Shopping Center (by Domain


          Marie Callendar's

          Ditto to above Costco suggestion.

          Whole Foods and Central Market locations and any Luby's

          1. Shame on me! I forgot the Queen of Pies/Cheesecake.

   They are a little pricey, but wow they are great bakers!

            If you have Facebook access look at their page and more photos