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Nov 14, 2012 11:52 AM

Christmasy/Festive Decorated restaurant in NYC

I know I know I know I'm on the wrong board..but I have asked for help before here for there and you have helped me. I am asking here because that board is so big that often many questions like mine go on unanswered so please dont move me. Going with my friends for a girls night out in a few weeks. We would love to go to a restaurant that will be quite festive. We do not want to go to Rolfs. The Water Club looks beautify but that is too expensive and not the area we want. We are looking midtown area and prefer American and Italian food. Entrees should be no more than $25. We would also consider lunch. Can you help? Thanks guys!

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  1. You may wnat to try Del Frisco's Grill in Rock Center - they have a great roasted chicken for $26 and burgers and entree salads at $ 18 to $22 - It is steps away from the Christmas tree, and all the Holiday crowds looking at the 5th Ave storefronts

    IN the same festive/holiday neighborhood is Fig and Olive on 52nd street - pastas chicken and fish entrees in the mid $20 range

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      DelFrisco's is terriffic - a real treat. I don't think you'll be disappointed.