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Nov 14, 2012 11:44 AM

Birthday cake for 1 year old party-Bk. Heights/Cobble Hill/Carrol Gardens/Red Hook

Having a party for our soon to be one year old and need a cake. We want to keep it traditional and not too expensive. Obviously, should be tasty enough for the adults, but not too exotic for the little ones.

We were kicking around Court Pastry, Monteleone's, Baked, and One Girl. Thoughts on these or others?

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  1. Baked by far does the best American style cakes. Impeccable technique, perfect crumb and many options.

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    1. re: Pookipichu

      Thanks Pookipichu. We were thinking of going with their classic birthday cake, though I'm sure the adults (myslef included) would love some of their more sophisticated flavors. Any suggestions?

      1. re: jdf

        I love their Brooklyn Red Hot, it has a little bit of chocolate in the cake and cinnamon in the frosting, it has an appealing blood red color that the kids might enjoy. Or the Grasshopper cake, the mint and chocolate is really, really delicious and they make these soft, yummy, mini-whoopie pies that they decorate it with (I believe you may have to request it since the last time I saw them, they chintzed them into these pastel sugar discs) Lastly their coconut cake is an absolute must if you like coconut. The Sweet and Salty is a big hit with kids because many kids love chocolate and caramel. You can't go wrong with any of the above unless someone has a specific aversion to cinnamon, chocolate, mint, coconut or caramel, in that case, the plain vanilla birthday cake is expertly done and inoffensive (but also a little boring).

    2. If it's mainly gonna be one-year-olds at the party, then the cake is for the adults, so go with a nice one from baked. If there will be lots of kids, they always seem to like the strawberry shortcake option from Monteleone's, which will be much cheaper. (I've been there and done this, though many years ago, before Baked and One Girl were around.)

      Monteleone's also has the cool cakes that look like hamburgers, etc. Have no idea how they taste, but for kids, sometimes looks are more important.

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        yeah, I definitely wouldnt waste a Baked cake on your one year olds or other little kids, who will not even know what cake is yet. No matter how smart you think they are they wont like a great cake any better than a less expensive one, and may play with and mush as much as eat the precious object. Id agree that something like the shortcake cake - with whipped cream rather than that awful frosting that the commercial bakeries use - would be a good pick. I was actually positively impressed with such a cake from Cousin Johns in Park Slope recent (I am usually not a fan of their stuff).

        is Baked open now, after Sandy?

        1. re: jen kalb


          Baked was opened, I believe 2 days after (possibly the day following) Sandy. Other businesses > not so lucky or determined. *Cupcake power! The anchor of the neighborhood; Fairway will not open for many months; and if it's to be believed, as some have speculated, ever.

          *Actually I'm not a cupcake guy > but their coffee cake is spectacular. For my money, the best thing that comes from their ovens. And; now with the passing of Good N Plenty To Go, Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies have moved into my no. 1 spot. See my post > Good And Plenty To Go has Up and Gone.

          And my 2 cents on a 1 year olds' Birthday cake > forget the taste as you say, the kids will not know the difference. The gaudy, colorful, wonderfully goofy; beautifully fun & funny decorated cakes sold at a number of bakeries in Sunset Park (I can't recommend any specific bakery) > the kids would, I'd think > and hope, get a blast out of. What's more fun then dayglo food colored frosting? As well as the themes being kid appropriate I'm sure they're a fraction of the cost of a cake at "grown-up, oh so sophisticated" bakery. In the display windows each sample cake has a small square piece of paper with a number in front of it. I love the idea of ordering your cake by the number. The closest thing I can think of to the days of the automat. Whenever I pass one of these windows full of gooey fun I smile and wish I had a kid to throw a birthday party for so I could go in and say I'd like a no. 23 with the name Sam on it. Sometimes I think I might buy one anyway. Bring it to a girlfriend > but then I think; she probably wont get it and it's going to be a long cold winter.


          1. re: allenbank

            Ok, I know a lot of people are recommending to forego a good cake for a children's party, BUT, events like children's parties and such are the few times that some adults get to gorge on cake. It's not like you are going to buy a cake for yourself and many trips to Baked, you won't see the grasshopper or coconut cake sold in slices. They rotate flavors sporadically and only do 2 or 3 flavors a day. So use that children's party as an excuse to have a delicious cake, the kids will have fun just being surrounded by other kids, how much fun it is for adults being surrounded by sugar crazed kids is more questionable.

            1. re: allenbank

              this is deja vu - I feel I gave the same advice about the Sunset Park places a few years back. Central american caribbean bakeries seem to make a somewhat coarser, heavier cake than the fluffy american mix style, but I like it.

              Im fine with Baked and glad they are up and running but I simply wouldnt waste it on little kids - Why not separate cakes for adults and kids, the kids wont care.

              I sincerely hope that Fairway will reopen,selfishly, Im fairly dependent on their olive oils at this point.

              1. re: jen kalb


                I can't speak to time frame (things these days tend to get somewhat vague and muddled after a couple of months or so) or if my thoughts about Sunset Park bakeries initially came from an exploration after reading a post of yours. But I must admit to the possibility; as generally, if not always; quite simply > you've usually (if not always) got it right!


                1. re: allenbank

                  same questions => same answers. things dont change all that much where one-year old birthday cakes are concerned. Good to see your post!

        2. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. We are doing 2 cakes. One when its mostly going to be adults and one on a different day for the kiddies.

          So, we're going to go with Baked and probably Monteleone's. Will report back as to how it turns out.